Happy Tails: Teddy and Henry

Regina Miller from Origin Photo sent in these fun photos of two handsome English Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

© Origin Photo | Yellow_Labs running

From Regina:  “Teddy and Henry are two happy, well-loved and well-behaved doggies.  They are stereotypical water-loving English labs with a few quirks including taking showers.”

© Origin Photo | English Yellow Labradors © Origin Photo | Lab in the shower© Origin Photo | Labrador Retriever taking shower

From Debby:  “Teddy is our beautiful yellow lab – he just turned 8.    Henry, our other beautiful yellow lab, is his son.  He turned 2 in May.  We can easily tell them apart.  

© Origin Photo | on location pet photography, handsome English Yellow Labrador Retrievers Teddy is stockier, and has a bigger head.   Henry is taller and has dark mascara around his eyes.  We can always tell them apart by their behavior. 

© Origin Photo | Handsome dog, on location pet photographyIf someone is being very, very good, it’s Teddy. 

© Origin Photo | handsome Yellow Labs, dog photographyIf someone is being very, very naughty, it’s Henry!

© Origin Photo | dogs playing

Both dogs love water.  We take them boating in New England every summer.  Good boy Teddy stays on the boat.  Naughty boy Henry loves to go overboard.  We’ve hauled him out of the water more time than we can count.   Teddy eats his dog food.  Henry eats Zest soap and woodwork.  

© Origin Photo | handsome yellow LabradorI could go on and on!  Anyway, the dogs are inseparable, and keep each other (and us) entertained every day!   They are my favorite children!!

© Origin Photo

The other really great thing about Teddy is that he is a therapy dog.  I am a grief counselor.  Teddy very often comes into the sessions I have with children who have a difficult time talking about their losses.  Teddy lies at their feet, and the children throw their arms around him. Teddy knows that he has a job to do – he listens with his big, compassionate brown eyes, never passing judgment, and always providing comfort.  There are many times that the children will talk to Teddy instead of me, although I do have permission to listen in to the conversation. 

© Origin Photo | Philadelphia pet photography

I got Teddy eight years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Once again, he knew he had a job to do.  I healed with him and because of him.  I owe him so much.”

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I can’t resist adding this link to ten lovable Labs up for adoption.

About Origin Photo:  Based in Philadelphia, PA, Regina is a photojournalist who specializes in portraits.


Nanci bowers says:

Beautiful family and story. So glad you posted the pictures and shared thier story.

Abby says:

Such cuties!

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