In Loving Memory: Elska the Australian Shepherd Mix

A lot of people are hesitant to adopt an older pet, but the people who do, never regret it.  Thanks to Crystal Morrison from Frolic Images for sharing these beautiful photos of an Australian Shepherd mix as well as Elska’s story. 

Australian Shepherd Mix lying near water's edge, on location dog portraits From Crystal:  “This sweet older girl was adopted through A New Leash On Life  in Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, so there are numerous outdoor locations that make great backdrops for beautiful portraits. I had a vision of capturing her beautiful black fur against a field of bright yellow flowers.  The light on this particular day was spectacular, giving these images a really dreamy look.  And Elska absolutely loved looking for squirrels in the forest! 

senior black dog with yellow flowers She had been living at A New Leash On Life’s “Lodge” for a year.  Tthe Lodge is a two-story home owned by A New Leash On Life, with a huge backyard that houses dogs & cats that are waiting to be adopted, when a volunteer, met her and fell in love with her.  I can’t blame her! From her soulful eyes to her sweet graying muzzle, to her calm, laid back and loving demeanor, Elska is an all around great dog. She enjoyed a very comfortable life by her mom’s side, and together they visited at least nine states!  Elska was an Australian Shepherd Mix (although we joke that she’s a Tennessee Valley Shepherd)

older black dog standing yellow wildflowers

She lost her battle with cancer and crossed the rainbow bridge recently.  Her mom gave her a wonderful life, though she only had her for less than a year.  She was able to teach Elska that people can be trusted and show her true love during her final months.

Australian Shepherd Mix with gray muzzle, on location dog portraits, black white pet photography  And now she is free from pain and able to chase those squirrels to her heart’s content!”

sepia toned portrait Australian Shepherd Mix, older black dog with gray muzzle

You can see more of Elska’s photos here.

About Frolic Images:  Crystal understands that pets are family and specializes in documentary style pet photography.  She volunteers her time and talent photographing adoptable pets.


What a beautiful story! How could anyone regret giving an older dog a home, in the last years of his life. What a lucky girl Elska was.

Oh, she’s a beauty! I’m so glad she was rescued & has a new Leash on life!
Love & biscuits
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

How wonderful that Elska was able to have a wonderful last year of life. I know it’s bittersweet, but what a gift for both Elska and a New Leash on Life. Thank you for being so kind.

Abby says:

Such a beautiful girl and a heart warming story!

Monica says:

Elska’s got really nice eyes. Controversy to her black fur, her eyes sparkling like stars. So warm and friendly. That’s what I feel

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