In Loving Memory: Rocco Goat the Boxer

Tissue Alert!  These beautiful images are also the last photos taken of the sweet Boxer, Rocco Goat, who had lymphoma.   Mary Beth from Love Mary Beth Photography has known Rocco since he joined her sister-in-law’s family. (Please note, Rocco Goat is very thin in these photos because of his illness.)

family photos with dog, end of life session for Boxer with Lymphoma, ©Love Mary Beth PhotographyFrom Mary Beth:  “Rachel got Rocco from a Craigslist ad, and they were instantly inseparable. She would bring him to our local events downtown and concerts in the park.

He was the sweetest of boxers and always drew a ton of attention wherever he went. His favorite thing was begging for funnel cake! One of my first memories of him was when we took him to our favorite local hangout, and he was trying to sneak beer out of everyone’s glasses! (Don’t worry, he drank responsibly, aka not at all.)

handsome white Boxer, end of life photography session, ©Love Mary Beth Photography

 When we learned that Rachel was expecting twins, we knew Rocco would love them fiercely. From the time they first arrived home, Rocco was so protective of his girls, Keenan and Blakely. They grew to be his favorite people, and if they weren’t right beside him, he would search for them nonstop. 

adorable toddler girl and her Boxer BFF, ©Love Mary Beth Photography | Panama City, documentary dog photography

 When Rocco was diagnosed with Lymphoma, we knew we didn’t have much time. It was devastating news, and we knew we had to document one last big adventure. His health was deteriorating rapidly, but he could always muster enough strength to play ball or bring pinecones to share with his favorite people. 

toddler girl and her dog, ©Love Mary Beth Photography | Panama City, documentary dog photography White boxer and toddler with ball, end of life photos, ©Love Mary Beth Photography | Panama City, documentary dog photographylittle girl taking ball away from gentle dog, ©Love Mary Beth Photography | Panama City, documentary dog photographer dad looking at toddler daughter playing with Boxer, end of life session with dog with canine cancer

 The girls were just learning to walk, and I’ll never forget how gentle and loving he was with them. Even when he didn’t want to share his things he would still let his girls take his toys. I’m so glad we did this session, every day these photos are a reminder of how much he loved us, and how much we miss him.”

White Boxer, end of life session with dog, canine lymphoma

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 About Love Mary Photography:  Based in Northwest Florida, Mary Beth is a documentary photographer.


Bless you Rocco. We lost a Kiwi cat friend lat night so we know losing a pet (cat or dog makes no difference) breaks hearts, especially a special one like you.

Fly free wonderful spirit, you are one in a million and we love the pictures of you. The perfect memories for your family.

    Beth says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your cat friend!

Sandy Kubillus says:

I’m so sorry about Rocco. We can see his ribs in one of the photos. He seems like such a gentle dog and very cute! I love your photos!

    Beth says:

    Yes, Mary Beth said he lost a lot of weight because of his illness. I know that his time was too short, but his life was filled with love!

Kamira says:

What a beautiful way to remember Rocco. So sorry for their loss. Lovely photo shoot to keep Rocco’s memory alive and reflect on loving memories and good times.

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