Spotlight : Megan Hamilton Wedding Illustrations

Although there are lots of ways to include pets in weddings,  these wedding illustrations by Megan Hamilton are new to me.  In today’s digital world, it is always exciting to see something created by hand like Megan’s portraits.  

From Megan:  “I create my illustrations in my home studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Every illustration is hand-drawn using pen and ink, watercolor, and colored pencil techniques from photos provided by my clients.

Wedding Illustration-wedding gown and Frenchie Wedding Attire and dog, Megan Hamilton Wedding Illustrations, sketch, ways to include pets in wedding festivities Each illustration is unique to the client and often includes something special, like a pet, or items of sentimental value. My illustrations are purchased by newlyweds or brides-to-be, family, wedding guests, bridal parties for showers and wedding anniversaries.

Each custom portrait is more than just art for the wall. Illustrations have been used on thank you cards, photo guestbooks, memory boxes, and hung in dressing closets worldwide.”Sketch of wedding gown, cat, and dog ©Megan Hamilton Wedding Illustrations

While it seems like more wedding venues are pet-friendly, not every pet should attend a wedding.   Megan’s illustrations can even include a pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge.

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Megan also creates illustrations of Christening gowns, flower girl dresses, etc.  Check out her Etsy shop that carries a mix of vintage and handmade bridal accessories in addition to portraits.


Southern & Style says:

These are so beautiful! I wasn’t able to have my animals with me on my wedding day, so a sketch like this would be such a great memory to create 🙂

xoxo, SS

The picture of the white cat in the bride’s arms is absolutely lovely. PURRS

Hindy Pearson says:

I so enjoy all the stunning engagement and wedding pictures you highlight here, one is more beautiful then the next. Having said that I was blown away by the gorgeous sketches!! It’s like going back in time in a way isn’t it? Although I wouldn’t replace an actual photo with a drawing, I think they would definitely complement each other, and if you aren’t able to have your pet at your wedding (let’s face it most of us can’t!!), it’s a lovely way to have a “picture” with them included. Such talent.

    Beth says:

    I’d really love to get one of these as an anniversary gift. Our dogs (at the time) weren’t included in our wedding, and they’ve long since left this earth (but not my heart!)

Omg these are amazing! Such a great choice for a wedding announcement!

How amazing are these! I love that they’re handmade. What a beautiful way to remember an important event!

How beautiful is this! What a fun wedding announcement.

I think these are totally amazing and such an inspiration.

Such style and grace and such treasures to keep as memories! Beautiful!!

These illustrations are amazing and gorgeous! They are such a special way to remember a special day with fur babies. Especially those who can’t attend.

Nanci B says:

This would be a Lovely gift for an anniversary or wedding.

Joelle says:

These are beautiful. I didn’t have my pups when I got married, but it would be nice to sneak them in! It would be a sweet family portrait, especially when we have a reactive dog and having someone take our picture is not always the easiest.

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