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While some people may say that adventures involve dangerous and perilous treks in the wilderness, I think adventures are determined by your state of mind.   A little enthusiasm can turn an ordinary walk into an adventure.  My dog Nelly has an adventurous attitude.  She’s up for anything as long as I’m there too.  If she could talk, her favorite word would be “Yes!”  She loves to go for walks, car rides, go camping, or sit at my feet while I am on the computer.  It seems like most of the time, just being together is her favorite thing.  Her enthusiasm inspires me to do better for her.

Alice G Patterson Photography | Maltese on back legs, on location pet photography, Maltese wearing red,black shirt, adventure dog

For most of my life, I thought there wasn’t a significant difference in dog foods.  My parents always fed our dogs the “good dog food” from the grocery store, and I followed suit when I adopted my first dog, Daisy.   Once, I bought a cheaper brand, but I couldn’t stand the smell or texture and went back to the brand we always used.  My vet recommended that I change brands from the one sold in the grocery store.  I switched to another brand, but I wasn’t convinced that it made a difference.  Then along came Nelly, and we found out the hard way, that what I feed this little dog makes a huge difference to her.

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When she spends most of the day scratching and chewing and is too obsessed to follow me from room to room, I feel terrible for her.  Nelly has either a grain sensitivity or a grain allergy and when she eats the wrong stuff, she is miserable!  For years she had a lot of staining around her eyes, I was told that just was part of having a Maltese.  Well, that it isn’t entirely true.  I have noticed that there have been periods when she has little to no discharge from her eyes.  When Nelly’s allergies flare up, you can tell by looking at her, the rim of her eyes become red, and she has a lot more discharge.  Worse, Nelly will scratch and chew herself raw because she itches so badly.

I’m so glad that we have found Pinnacle ® Holistic Pet Nutrition. Pinnacle has always been a holistic pet food using limited ingredients, and as of May 2015, all of its formulas for dogs are grain free.

Alice G Patterson Photography on-location-dog-photography, fall dog, Maltese in buffalo plaid fleece, dog sniffing bag of food

Nelly is currently eating the trout and sweet potato variety and she loves it!  The transition to Pinnacle Holistic Pet Food was easy.  It took about two weeks to switch her over completely, Nelly loved the food from the first bite, but we transitioned her slowly to make sure she didn’t suffer from a change in her diet.

Alice G Patterson Photography, Maltese autumn photos She had been eating this food exclusively (minus treats) for about ten days when these photos were taken. 

Alice G Patterson Photography-Pinnacle-15

Her eyes are clearer, and she is less itchy than she was a month ago.  I’m looking forward to Nelly feeling healthier and then being more active thanks to the nutritious food.

Alice G Patterson Photography | Maltese in fall leaves, healthy dog food helps clear eye stains Pinnacle


In addition to being grain free, Pinnacle offers:

Quality ingredients like Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Sea kelp, Cottage Cheese

Natural, healthy recipes that use high-quality proteins

Antioxidants to support healthy immune system

Fiber to encourage healthy digestion and small stool

Promotes general joint health and overall muscle tone

Alice G Patterson Photography-Maltese wearing red plaid fleece running on leashAlice G Patterson Photography- dog running, improved health due to dog food Alice G Patterson Photography-Pinnacle-Maltese running Pinnacle dog foodAlice G Patterson Photography-Maltese in red plaid fleece

I feel really good about the fact that the food is made and sourced in the United States!  Nelly is happy to eat this and I’ve just started to transition Theo and Sophie over to it as well.  Nelly doesn’t look too happy about sharing her special, delicious, grain-free food, but I promise, I won’t let her run out!


Pinnacle grain free pet food-with logo

Find out where to buy Pinnacle Holistic Pet Nutrition by using this product locator.  Follow Pinnacle Pets on Facebook!

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, NY, Alice specializes in dog photography, senior portraits and all the photography needs for small businesses.


Pamela says:

Nelly certainly is a good endorsement for a happy and well fed girl. Glad you found something that makes her feel good and up for adventures.

    Beth says:

    Thanks Pamela!

Ann Staub says:

Nelly is looking great! Sounds like Shiner and Nelly have some similar issues, minus the eye thing.

    Beth says:

    I am so glad that we found a way to help ease their itching.

Erika says:

She is just the cutest!!

    Beth says:

    Thank you Erika!

That is so awesome! I’m glad you found a food that works so well for Nelly! She is so cute and she’s looking so good! It sucks so much when they are itchy and not feeling well! <3

    Beth says:

    She’s so much happier these days!

Carleen says:

Love your fall photos!!!

I’m glad it’s working well for Nelly! Isn’t eye staining the worst?

    Beth says:

    Before we got Nelly I was against small white dogs because of the eye staining, but my husband was convinced that a Maltese would be a perfect choice for his needs (small, non-shedding dog). I know it can’t feel good to have those runny eyes.

We’ve heard good things about Pinnacle. We’ll have to check out their cat food. BTW, Nelly is adorable!

With that adorable face, we’d be tempted to specially cook her food 😉

We’ve been consumed with finding a ‘just right’ food for our senior Collie and know the concern that a person can put into worrying about canine health. So glad you’ve found something that works!

    Beth says:

    I hope you find something for your dog, it is very frustrating to watch a dog not feel their best.

Gorgeous photos, as always. I just LOVE looking at your posts. Nelly looks amazing.

    Beth says:

    Thanks, I’m so lucky to have so many wonderful photographers letting me share their photos.

Robin says:

Pinnacle sounds like a wonderful dog food! Limited ingredient diets are helping so many dogs. Your dog is such a cutie! I really enjoyed the photos of her. 🙂

    Beth says:

    Thank you, she’s a great companion when she’s feeling like herself!

MattieDog says:

Really amaze-balls photography! Not only that you really conveyed the info about da food well – lots of great products for a healthy, happy dog!

    Beth says:

    Thanks MattieDog!

Carol says:

Very informative article. I only use pet food whose ingredients are sourced in the US or Canada. This sounds like a great product. Love the photos!!

    Beth says:

    Thank you, I think that it is really important to use ingredients that are sourced in the US or Canada!

It sounds like Nelly found the right food, she looks really good, especially sporting that adorable plaid vest. Pinnacle sounds like a great food.

    Beth says:

    We’re mad for plaid this time of year! She is really enjoying this food.

Jessica says:

Beautiful Pics! Heard great things about Pinnacle dog food.

Sadie says:

She looks like this new food is agreeing with her. She looks good in plaid too!

Cyd says:

Nelly is precious and that little coat is too cute! I can’t ever resist a classic Buffalo plaid. 😉 Beautiful photos, too! xo

    Beth says:


Great post and wonderful pictures!!!!

Nelly’s eyes look great. We’re happy to hear this food is working for her.

    Beth says:

    Thank you! It is a huge relief to have her feeling better!

Oh my mouses, she’s a cutie. Super happy to hear the new food is working for her and cutting down on those allergy symptoms.


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