Pawsitively Amazing: Make a Difference By Fostering

Although I’ve never fostered, I think it is one of the most generous and selfless acts a person can do.  Even though the holiday season may be over, this photo session from Two Maries is still spreading joy. 

holiday photos with dogs, fostering dogs

From  Britt:  “The Anderson Family loves all things dog! They have a scruffy chocolate labradoodle named Basil and a crazy little Chihuahua rescue named Jerry.

Additionally, they are a foster family with Chihuahua Rescue and Transport and have a foster Chihuahua in their home at all times.  They were fostering Bonita when it came time for Christmas pictures.  There was no doubt she would be included because in their words, ‘she’s family.'”

lifestyle family photos with dogs, making a difference by fostering pets

From Gilda:  “Fostering is such a big piece of my heart, and it makes me so happy to spread awareness. The good news is that Bonita was adopted and joined her new family right before Christmas. It was very hard to let her go! 

Thousands of dogs are abandoned every year across the United States. Unless a Rescue steps up to provide a temporary home for the dog, their future is frightful. Rescue organizations step up and take care of animals that are found on the streets, living in shelters and surrendered by their owners. Rescues prevent the destruction of thousands of wonderful animals every year.

woman holding 2 Chihuahuas and sitting with Labradoodle, foster dog

One of the ways to become involved with a Rescue is to become a Foster Parent. Most Rescues require the dog be spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated,  and on heartworm preventative before they can be adopted.  Taking dogs to their vet appointments is often part of a foster’s role.

fun Christmas photos with dogs, foster dog

Fosters may need to work on things like socializing the dog and working on fixing bad habits.  As a foster, you are doing everything you can to prepare the dog for their forever family.  A dog that is better adapted to home life will have a greater chance of remaining in the new home permanently. When you agree to foster a dog, you agree to care for that dog for anything from a few weeks to a few months. Fostering is hard, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.”

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About Two Maries Photography:  Britt and Gilda, share a middle name (Marie) and a love for photography.  Based in Columbus, Ohio, Two Maries specializes in fine art wedding photography.



Liz says:

Aww these are great photos and I’m glad they included their rescue! When I was growing up my family was really involved in a local Siberian Husky rescue. Always great to give these dogs a home until that perfect forever home comes around.

    Beth says:

    What a great experience you must have had with all the rescues!

Robin says:

I totally agree–it’s such a selfless act! I can’t imagine doing it because I know it would be so hard on my heart to have to say goodbye just as you’re forming a connection with a dog, but I so admire everyone who does it. I know how much of a difference it made in my pup’s young life!

    Beth says:

    I understand not wanting to say goodbye! The good news is, often times fosters end up adopting the dogs.

Fostering pets is so sweet! I can’t really foster an animal in the apartment I live in right now but I would like to do it in the future.

    Beth says:

    I hope you’ll be able to foster one day.

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