Focus: Chewie the Golden Doodle and Molly the Westie

Dogs and kids agree that snow days are the best days!  Photographer Casey Hendrickson photographed her dogs, Chewie and Molly last January. Chewie is the Golden Doodle and Molly is the Westie.  

Golden doodle at snowy dog parkFrom Casey:  “If you even remotely know me, you know that snow is my absolute favorite things of all.

And every year, I get let down and completely devastated at how little snow we get here in North Carolina. Chad has heard it every single year. ‘WHY DOES TEXAS GET SNOW AND WE DON’T?! CAN WE TAKE A QUICK ROAD TRIP TO MAINE?! THEY HAVE 11 INCHES ON THE GROUND!!’

So last January when I kept seeing that snowflake pop up on the weather app that I so diligently watch, I was excited but also preparing myself for the let down that often comes. Westie playing in the snow, West Highland Terrier, lifestyle dog photographyFinally, it snowed.  It wasn’t much, but it was something. Being that Chewie was still a puppy, it was his very first time experiencing something like this! I was ecstatic to bring the pups to the dog park so they could go crazy, and let Molly show Chewie how awesome snow is.Golden doodle in the snow Westie rolling in the snow, dog photography little dog with snow on nose, West Highland Terrier, winter dog portraits Westie playing with Golden Doodle at dog parkShe rushed around, rolled in the tiny bit we had, tried to dig into it, ate some, and was having THE best time.

dog playing in snow, winter dog photos

Chewie was a little confused, but tried to follow her and copied what she did. It only took a minute or so before he truly realized how FUN this was!

Golden doodle pup chewing on small stick, snow dog dog lying in the snow, NC dog photographerI had my camera ready and captured their moments in our first (and tiny) snowfall of the year.”

Just last month, Chewie and Molly experienced a Big Snow, and I’ll be featuring those photos in the near future.   

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About Casey Hendrickson Photography:  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Casey specializes in wedding photography. 



Big snow! They look like they’re enjoying themselves. I think Mr. N thinks he’s missing out.

I love photographing dogs in the snow. So much fun and such great opportunities. I took a few the other day with a light snow still falling, and it was awesome. It looks like Chewie and Molly had the best time!

Molly says:

Oh my, that smile on Chewie in the first photo alone encompasses the sheer joy of it. I love these two you have, the photos are great and you can see the characters of both coming through. So entertaining to watch. Too bad you aren’t in VT right now, we have around 2 ft, Molly would get lost (like our old cairn did who loved bounding in and out of the deep snow) and Chewie would be in HEAVEN!

These photos are great! I love how happy the dogs look, and that you can tell how much fun they’re having. Thanks for sharing!

What fun this is! Playing in the snow is the best. My cats also love it, but right now their catio is completely snowed in by the blizzard and it’s too cold to go out anyway!

    Beth says:

    Your cats are so lucky to have a catio!

Jana Rade says:

Ah, yeah, absolutely. Snow is a big hit with dogs. I wonder what they really think it is. But they surely do enjoy it.

Denise says:

Seeing dogs experience snow for the 1st time is one of my favorite things! Their tentative 1st steps to running and playing. You captured it with such stunning photos!

The first snow is always so magical when your pet experiences it. It reminds me of the joy of playing in the winter weather when I was little and the cold did bother me so much.

I have a great photo from 4 years ago when Truffle and Brulee saw their first (and only) snowfall. I opened the back door and they just stared at it. It’s an adorable photo!

Loved that snow angel shot! such a delight to see the fluffies play in the snow. We live in San Francisco so we might go to Tahoe for some snow too! Beautiful photos as always

There is something so refreshing about snow…so glad your pups had fun. Gusto is a natural for snow…after all, he is an American Eskimo 🙂

Love all these fun snow pictures! We never get snow in Georgia either, so it’s always a wonderful treat on the rare occasion that we get some. The dogs look like they are just having an absolute blast!

    Beth says:

    Do your Adventure Kitties like the snow?

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