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Over the years I’ve heard “if only they came with an instruction manual” countless times.  And while most of the time, “they” were human babies, I know many people wish that puppies came with an instruction manual.  Puppies are adorable and amazing and will steal your heart in a minute.   

 © Alice G Patterson Photography| Syracuse-dog-photographer, Adorable-puppy, best-advice-for-puppy-parents

Photo Credit: © Alice G Patterson Photography

Of course with all that cuteness, energy and snuggling comes  loads of decisions and concerns. What do I feed him?  When will he sleep through the night?  How do I house train?  Is this normal?   Well the good news is  now there’s a website to answer those questions and more! Purina ® Puppy Chow ® has the answers to these questions and more on Puppyhood.com.  

Welcome to the Puppyhood- go-to-website-for-puppy-owners, answer-puppy-questions

If you are still in the planning phases of getting a puppy, I hope you’ll consider adopting a rescue puppy.  All breeds and sizes are available from shelters and breed specific rescues.  It may take a little time to find the one you want, but it will be worth it.  If you are going to buy a puppy, please make sure you are buying from an ethical breeder.  Check out the Puppy Planning section to see suggested supplies, tips for selecting the right breed for your lifestyle, and  ways to puppy proof your home.

 © Alice G Patterson Photography  | adorable-puppy, Syracuse pet photography, train your puppy

 © Alice G Patterson Photography  | Syracuse-dog-photographer, Adorable-puppy, sharp puppy teeth

Puppy breath is intoxicating and those needle sharp teeth are cute, but without supervision, puppies can cause a lot of destruction.  Puppyhood.com can help you set your puppy up for success with training tips and by helping you learn what to expect as they mature with puppy milestones.

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Nutrition is key to any growing body and puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. It is important to remember that even if  a puppy looks like it is fully grown, she will need a special formula until she is done growing on the inside as well as the outside.  Purina Puppy Chow offers a unique healthy-start blend made with high-quality protein, plus DHA and essential nutrients also found in mothers’ milk.

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By becoming a member of Puppyhood.com,  you and your pup  will get a customized learning experience, helpful tools and exclusive benefits and coupons on the journey to doghood. As a member, you can access special features, including a puppy milestone tracker, expert advice and puppy destinations and resources in your own community.

 © Alice G Patterson Photography  | Syracuse-dog-photographer, Adorable-puppy, girl and her dog, Skaneatles dog photography  © Alice G Patterson Photography |Syracuse-dog-photographer, Adorable-puppy, lifestyle-dog-photography, girl and her dog

Your puppy deserves the best and you deserve peace of mind.   Puppyhood can help you get the answers and advice you need! 

Check out this cute video.  (Be sure to watch it from the beginning and you’ll see it is a rescue puppy.)

All puppy photos in this post are from Alice G Patterson Photography.  Located in Syracuse, NY, Alice specializes in senior portraits, photography for small businesses (products and portraits) and dog photography along with the people that love them.

We’d love to know what questions you have/had as a new puppy parent and/or what is the best advice you have for someone with a new puppy?




That’s so nice to have one database/site for people to find all sorts of puppy information. A lot less frustrating than having to search each individual issue that comes up and try to filter through all the results. Is there anything cuter in the world than a Corgi puppy? Seriously.

The one piece of advice I’d give to any puppy parent is make sure you take the socialization period seriously. It’s not always easy to find tons of new dogs and people to meet but it’s not something you’ll regret when you end up with a well adjusted/socialized dog.

    Beth says:

    That is really great advice about socializing. I wish I had done more for Sophie!

MattieDog says:

Great article, chuck full of info to help people wif der new puppies! Thanks for putting this all together in one place – I’ll share it!

Delightful! After I created and wrote all the content for puppies.about.com and then for various reasons left, I’ve wanted a site I could refer folks to for great info. Bravo!

If only I could photograph puppies everyday! I hope puppyhood.com will help make lives better for both puppies and their humans.

Oh that’s fantastic!
Best advice? Ummmm….patience!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    Beth says:

    Patience is really important!

I love the Puppyhood site and this commercial is one of my favorites ♥

The Puppyhood site is such a great resource and I love their video!

That’s so awesome that they have those resources. I also love that video!

We will be publishing Top 20 too cute puppy photos tomorrow and have a bit of information on puppies on our site from our “Puppy Love” TV episode research. We are now doing more research for our romantic comedy “Pippy Love” (we did a preview video with lead Emma talking about the joys of a naughty puppy Pippy – it’s on our YouTube Channel) Love the new Puppyhood site and the Buzzfeed video. Buzzfeed do the cutest branded videos with Purina.

Robin says:

That commercial is really cute! It is great that they are offering good advice for puppy owners. Sometimes you just need a little help in life!

    Beth says:

    A little help is always appreciated!

Love the commercial video & your images this is awesome puppyhood website thanks for sharing.

It’s cool that Purina has created a puppyhood website for puppy owners. I’m sure it will help puppy owners obtain important and valuable information.

OMG you’re killing me with those sweet faces!! All of ours have been rescues. I just lost my Tilly, a Great Dane mix, a few months ago. She was destined for the shelter because she had no socialization what-so-ever. But, she enjoyed 14 fun years on her farm so it’s all good 🙂

    Beth says:

    I’m so glad that Tilly had the life she deserved with you!

This is a great resource for pet parents! (Corgi Puppy is soo cute!)

Kama says:

I loved that Puppyhood commercial! I think it’s great that more companies are offering resources for people to raise their puppies.

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