Puppy Love: Waffles the Golden Doodle

We’re starting off the week with a smile thanks to this puppy engagement session from Joey Photos.   Joelle Julian photographed Waffles, the Golden Doodle, and his family in gorgeous San Diego, California.   

Golden Doodle puppy beach, couple holding puppy and kissing on the beach ©Joey Photos

From Joelle:  “Meet Peter, Hillary and the adorable puppy Waffles, a golden doodle. I believe he was about 6-9 months in these photos. I took these engagement photos at Treasure Island Park in Laguna Beach. Peter is from Minnesota and Hillary from Nebraska, and they met online a few years ago. Work brought them to Orange County in 2015. They will be getting married this summer in Omaha.”

couple holding hands, walking Golden Doodle puppy

From Peter and Hillary:  “This is Waffles, our curly-haired bundle of energy in the shades of his namesake breakfast food.

Golden Doodle puppy, engaged couple with puppywoman holding Golden Doodle puppy, beach dog

His energy keeps us active and on our toes at all times. He loves chewing (mostly bones but the occasional remote or wall) and spending time with others. He enjoyed spending time with our photographer, Joelle, and her sister during our photo shoot for our engagement.couple walking Golden Doodle puppy on beach couple walking in ocean with puppy Golden Doodle puppy walking on sandy beach with man and woman Happy couple and dog walking in shallow water, beach engagement photos Doing the shoot on a beach in Orange County was the perfect place after recently moving from Minnesota with Waffles. Waffles loved digging through the sand and running through the waves when he wasn’t busy having everyone’s affection.
Golden Doodle on sandy beach, engaged couple Paw prints on golden sand
His curly hair is amazing for not shedding but has the downside of capturing an entire sandbox within it. He got a much-deserved bath at the end of the day after we wrapped up the photo shoot.”Golden Doodle puppy looking over back of bench, dog between woman and man on bench
For the rest of their engagement pictures, visit  Waffles and his family on the Joey Photo blog.   Follow Joey Photo On Facebook to see more her work.

Do you and your dog(s) enjoy days at the beach?  While I’ve never taken my dogs to the ocean, I love taking them to a lake with a beach.  

 About Joey Photo: Serving   San Diego, California and southern Minnesota, Joelle is a wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer.


I must say, I am very fond of this post! I wonder why??? 🙂 Love the photo of the paw prints in the sand!

    Beth says:

    Thanks Spencer 🙂

Oh my goodness. I absolutely love these photos. My favourite is the one on the bench.

Deynece says:

Oh my gosh how sweet is this!!! Such a beautiful photo shoot!!

LOVE this session! What a cutie, and such a marvelous photographs!

Waffles is such a perfect name – just look at that sweet, happy face.

Greta says:

This made my heart melt! How sweet to have this four-legged member of the family in these photos.

Hannah says:

This is so precious I don’t even know where to begin! You both look so happy and that puppy is just giving me all the heart eyes!

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