Puppy Love: Hilo the Siberian Husky Pup

Happy Monday!   If you have the Monday blues, Hilo the Siberian Husky puppy may be  the antidote.  Cassidy from Nunn Other Photography found gorgeous light and locations for this puppy session.

adorable Siberian Husky, one brown eye, one blue eye

From Cassidy:  “Meet Hilo! She was ten weeks old at the time of this photo shoot, and she’s a  purebred Siberian Husky. 

Siberian Husky pup walking on leash, lifestyle pet photographyShe was named Hina of Hilo after the Polynesian goddess because that is where Ashley and her fiance got engaged last September.

tired puppy lying in tall grass, golden hour dog portraits

This was Hilo’s first adventure at Island View Beach.”

Siberian Husky puppy walking on leash, lifestyle pet photographer puppy and woman out for walk, lifestyle pet photographer woman holding Siberian Husky puppy in field, late fall dog portraits puppy at water's edge, lifestyle dog photographyHusky puppy playing in water, Island Beach Viewwoman petting Siberian Husky puppy, on location pet photography, British Columbia lifestyle pet photography, golden light, back light puppy whiskers, Siberian Husky puppy lying down, Before deciding to add a Siberian Husky to your family, please read this post.  While Huskies have enjoyed a rise in popularity recently, many people can’t meet the needs of a Husky after bringing one home.  As a result, there are lots of Huskies available for adoption. 

However, if you choose to buy a puppy, please make sure you are buying from an ethical breeder like Ashley did.

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About Nunn Other Photography:  Based in beautiful Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Cassidy Nunn specializes in wedding and portrait photography.  She is also an equine photographer.



kallie says:

SO CUTE! Literally, these pictures are amazing and this pup is so adorable!

Natalie says:

Oh my goodness Oh my goodness! SO CUTE!

Becky says:

These are such beautiful dogs! My brother really wants one.

Oh my goodness that is just THE most gorgeous puppy.

OOOOOH I want one!!! OK Maybe the cats wouldn’t like it too much 😉

Nichole says:

There’s just something so magical about a husky pup! Those eyes are captivating.

Sonja says:

what a stunning little fellow! WOW … love the mismatched eyes! Lots of huskies where we live… so I know a good looking boy when I see one! The lighting in these photos is really stellar. I also like that there is a combo of portrait style but also more candid action shots.

Becky says:

Your daily dog pics make my heart soar. I want a husky so badly. These dogs are so beautiful and your pictures are soooo insanely beautiful. I love! 🙂

Becky // http://www.roseandbrose.com

Oh goodness! What a cute doggie! These beautiful photos could brighten up the most dreary day.

Kamira G. says:

Hilo is adorable! These are great memories she’ll be able to cherish forever. Lovely shoot.

Oh my mouses… That last picture of Hilo? It’s BEAUTIFUL! Worthy of space in an art gallery, for sure. PURRS.

Parul says:

OMG! This is the cutest thing ever! I love Siberian Huskies and I know for sure that whenever I’m ready to have a pet, I’m going to have this. I can go on looking at these pictures for the rest of the day.

She is beautiful and her eyes are amazing. I love the story behind her name as it will always be a memory also

Oh my gosh that puppy is beautiful! Those eyes!!

She’s so tiny and fluffy and adorable! Great name although it’s funny how a snow dog is named after a Polynesian goddess!

What a beautiful puppy, and amazing photos!

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