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Disclosure:  Thanks to NomNomNow for sponsoring this post.   At Daily Dog Tag, we only review products that we use ourselves.  All opinions are mine., and NomNomNow is not responsible for the content of this post. I am not a vet or dog food nutritionist.  Always consult your vet with any medical concerns.   Photos are by Alice G Patterson Photography.

Many of us spend some time reflecting on ways we can improve things for ourselves as well as our loved ones in the New Year.   One of the best things I did in 2017 for my dogs was feeding them NomNomNow.   Right now, you can get 50% off your first two NomNomNow orders.

My dogs have been eating NomNomNow for a while now.  I expected they would have some minor physical changes, but, I didn’t think I would be gushing about it in my personal life.  My friends and family have had to hear about how fantastic NomNomNow is multiple times. handsome Puggle wearing green velvet collar, studio dog photography

At a recent family gathering, someone was petting Theo and asked if he had been to the groomer.  Because his fur is so soft now, she figured he had a special conditioning treatment.  I laughed and said, “No, it’s the food he’s eating.”  

Despite my previous raving about the pros of NomNomNow, everyone seemed surprised that changing his food made a tangible difference in his coat. 


It is hard to believe that a short time ago, Theo couldn’t walk up the stairs, or jump on the sofa.  His pain seemed to come out of the blue.  While I’m not sure the source of his discomfort, X-rays showed that Theo has hip dysplasia.  We started him on laser therapy about two weeks before we began transitioning him to NomNomNow.    I chose the Heartland Beef because my research shows that beef is less inflammatory than poultry.   I think the laser therapy made a huge difference for Theo, but I also believe that NomNomNow is helping him stay healthy.  Veterinary pet nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, developed all five recipes.  All of the food choices contain fresh ingredients, NomNom nutrient mix, and healthy oils.  

smiling mixed breed, Puggle mix, Studio dog portraits

I am happy to say that Theo is back to his old self, jumping on the furniture and playing tug regularly.

brown mixed breed jumping for treat, NomNomNow review

At that same gathering, while I was feeding my dogs, Nelly started her new pre-meal routine.  She used to stand on her hind legs if she was excited about something.  After a few weeks of eating NomNomNow, she bounces up and down like a pogo stick, if pogo sticks were white and furry.  Another person commented that they’d never seen Nelly jump so high.  I’m pretty sure she hasn’t jumped like that in years, and possibly ever.

Maltese wearing teal velvet collar, Mattie + Margot collar, NomNomNow review

I haven’t made any changes in Nelly’s lifestyle besides her diet, so I’m confident in saying that NomNomNow is helping her joints and increasing her mobility.  She’s had supplements before, but never with this kind of results.  Of course, a lot of the jumping is a reflection of her enthusiasm for NomNomNow.

NomNomNow- Tasty Turkey Fare

NomNomNow is fresh, gently cooked food delivered to my door only days after preparation.  It arrives in an insulated package with ice packs, so it is cold, but not frozen.  Made with fresh ingredients that are sourced in the USA, each batch is gently cooked and packaged for individual dogs.  NomNomNow determines the amount of food a dog needs based on her breed, weight, age, and activity level.  The portions are prepackaged and will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 8 days from receipt.   I’m a monthly subscriber, so I put most of the food in the freezer upon arrival.

NomNomNow’s delivery is convenient.  They send me an email when the food is shipped, so I know when to expect it.  Thanks to the packaging, I don’t need to be home for delivery. My second order contained some emergency meals for the dogs. That way, if there is a problem with delivery, my dogs will still have their food. I hate to say how many times I’ve made a special trip to get dog food because I underestimated how much was left.  You can count the meals you have left with NomNomNow. Opening the packages is easy, and I don’t have to measure anything.  However, scooping the kibble out for my dogs is also easy for me.  As far as serving, NomNomNow and kibble are equally convenient.  

Although NomNomNow is more expensive than kibble, you can customize your order.  Typically, dogs eat two meals of NomNomNow a day, but you can specify that you’ll be feeding NomNomNow once a day, or using it as a topper.  If you are using it as a topper, be sure you aren’t exceeding the dog’s regular food intake.  In other words, replace some of their kibble with NomNomNow, don’t just add to it.  I couldn’t find research on a minimum percentage to use as a topper. However,  like choosing between canned vegetables and fresh vegetables, the fresher food will have more health benefits.  I think if you are using NomNomNow as a topper, more is better!  

American Eskimo-Pomeranian mix, studio portrait pet photography

Sophie is the most sensitive dog I have, both physically and emotionally. In the past, she’s had some digestive issues. Thankfully, she’s had zero problems with NomNomNow. We have her on a rotating diet of Egg & Veggie Medley and Chicken Chow-Wow, and she’s enjoying them.

black and white dog sitting, NomNomNow review

Isn’t she lovely?  All of my dogs’ eyes are brighter, and both Nelly and Sophie have fewer tear stains since we changed their diet. Sophie is the glamour girl of the family, and her coat is luxurious! 

Eskie mix waiting to eat, NomNomNow food review

If she could talk, I think she would have said,  “Beth, it’s called NomNom-NOW, not NomNom-wait-for-the-photo-to-be-taken.”

Recently, I realized that I’ve been giving my dogs fewer treats.  Although I don’t have a rigid schedule, we do have a lot of routines.  They used to harass me letting me know it was snack time, but since we switched their food, it isn’t happening nearly as often. Don’t get me wrong, they still get and love their treats, but they are just more content. And since they aren’t clamoring for snacks, I’m not handing them out so often.

Maltese dancing for joy, dog excited for treat

NomNomNow also makes a treat, which I’ve been saving for these photos. This was Nelly’s first interaction with them.

small white dog wearing teal collar, velvet collar, happy dog dog helping herself to chicken jerky treats, studio dog portraits

Nelly is a big fan! This chicken jerky has only one ingredient: chicken breast. They are easy to break for small training treats.

The drawbacks for NomNomNow are minimal.  Although the packaging is recyclable, I can’t put them in my recycle bin. Instead, I need to drop them off at a local collection center.  Some of the meals didn’t have any labels. It was a little hard to tell the Chicken Chow-Wow apart from the Tasty Turkey Fare making it more difficult for my husband or kids to feed the dogs occasionally.  When I contacted customer service, they explained that there was a shortage of bags, but they’ve since replenished their stock.

If I could afford it, I would continue feeding my dogs NomNomNow, but I’m sad to say, it just isn’t in our budget right now.  

Pros of NomNomNow

Easy to order, excellent customer service

Freshly cooked, human grade ingredients

No fillers, wheat, or corn

Free delivery

Premeasured transition packets

Individual portions

Health benefits (soft coat, more mobility, brighter eyes)

Dogs LOVE the taste


Cons of NomNomNow

Have to take the NomNomNow plastic bags to local collection center (not my home bin)

Not currently in my budget


I can’t think of a better way to start your dog off to a healthy New Year than with NomNomNow.   Get 50% off your first two NomNomNow orders.   Your dogs will love it, and you’ll be happy with the results!

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About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in dog photography, senior portraits, editorial, and commercial photography.






I love the fresh food option and you definitely had some remarkable results. What a great idea to use it as a topper to make it a little more budget friendly.

    Beth says:

    It has really been a wonderful transformation to see them get healthier just by changing their food.

I just LOVE these photos! They really put a smile on my face. I’m so glad that this food worked out so well gir you and your gorgeous dogs.

    Beth says:

    Thanks so much Lola!

Kamira G. says:

What a great review and love all your dogs in the pics! I’ve seen and heard great reviews of Nom Nom now however one thing I didn’t learn before was how it impacts the coat in such a positive way. What a great natural product with a multitude of benefits for the fur kids.

OMG your pups look SO gorgeous! I can personally attest to the fact that NomNomNow is good dog food! My dog’s coats were so shiny and soft too! The food honestly is human grade quality and I was tempted to try it myself!

This sounds like such a great dog food alternative. I have never tried any of the “fresh food” options out there but may take advantage of this deal and see how Cleo responds! Great review…and the images are GORGEOUS

    Beth says:

    I was surprised at how much of a difference I see in my dogs from changing their food. Let me know if Cleo tries it!

I remember meeting the Nom Nom crew at Blogpaws. The food looked really tasty and it was something I felt both my dogs would love. The downfall was the fact at the time, they didn’t ship to Kentucky. Also the cost was way more than I was paying to feed my pups a home-cooked meal.

    Beth says:

    It does cost more than a home-cooked meal, but it is great for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time. I like the fact that it in addition to the fresh ingredients, it has the NomNom nutrients and healthy oils.

Debbie says:

These photos are so cute! Your dogs look so excited for their food (and treats). We’re getting our first Nom Nom Now delivery tomorrow and after reading this review, I’m even more excited. I hope our pups do as well on it as yours did!

    Beth says:

    I am excited for you and your dogs to try NomNomNow. It took a few weeks before I noticed the change in Theo’s fur.

Katie says:

Finding the right food makes a HUGE difference. When we changed our dogs’ diet we noticed that their coats were much softer and shinier and their energy level changed as well. I’m glad you found a food that works well!

    Beth says:

    I’ve always fed my dogs a good quality food, and they’ve been healthy, but this was eye-opening.

Your dogs look so adorable in these photos. Your description of the benefits from healthier coat to fewer tear stains really has me thinking. I just ran the pricing for Bernie and Lizzie, so I can totally understand how this food could be cost-prohibitive. Matthew and I have a few financial goals we’d like to meet, but I think we may revisit our pet food budget at some point. Too many people rave about this food. Maybe they’ll create a loyalty program.

Their food looks pretty tasty, and they seem super excited for it! I’ve been toying with switching my Roxy and Rico to something like this. Ri is a super picky eater but this looks like something even he’d enjoy!

    Beth says:

    Honestly, I think he’ll love it!

I love your photos! The quality of food definitely makes a difference with the energy level and agility of our furry friends.

    Beth says:

    Thanks Amelia!

I’m glad to hear that the Nom Nom Now food is working for your pups! These are some great photos to show how well they are doing.

    Beth says:

    Thank you, I was really surprised at how much the change affected Nelly.

We love NomNomNow in our house and yeah for using the Heartland Beef to help with hip dysplasia inflammation! Good call. Your dogs certainly look like they are very happy with the product. It is a premier dog food, and the more dogs you have the more it costs sadly. It is possible to order portions so you can mix in with their food as well. It’s nice to be able to completely customize it.

    Beth says:

    I think the flexibility will help a lot of dog parents be able to treat their dog to this delicious and healthy food.

Lily says:

We have not heard of this brand. We have a little Terrier mix, who LOVES food, haha! And my mom’s pup is a bit sensitive to food, so we should look into this. All of your pups are darling!

    Beth says:

    If they try it, let me know how they like it!

Trish says:

This sounds like a great dog food! The benefits are impressive. I have to add that your dogs are ADORABLE and I love the photos featured here!

    Beth says:

    Thank you!

    Beth says:

    Thank you so much!

Jan K says:

We tried NomNomNow and used it as a topper. The crew loved it. Your dogs all look so healthy & happy! Diet is so important, and I believe a big factor in overall health. Unfortunately it wasn’t in our budget to continue with it either though. 🙁

    Beth says:

    I feel like I’m going to let them down if I can’t figure a way to continue feeding them NomNomNow.

Wow, this looks like such a great product for dogs! And I LOVE all the pictures, so sweet. 🙂 We don’t have any dogs right now, as we are apartment dwellers, but we do want to get one in the future. I definitely want my future pup to eat good food, so I will be sure to tuck this recommendation away for later use, thank you!

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