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Photographer Lisa Cornwell is one of the countless volunteers who help make a difference for homeless pets.   While many of us are looking forward to celebrating the Fourth of July, these pets are decked out in red, white and blue and hoping to be home for the festivities. A long weekend is a perfect time to adopt a pet. 

From Lisa:  “I run a small photography business and do the profile pictures as well as the dress-up holiday photos for the adoptable animals at Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society. I took most of these just last week to feature some of our adoptables for the Fourth of July.”

Adoptable Shar Pei mix dressed up for Fourth of July, Greenville, TN

Chester is a large Shar-Pei  Mix of only 1 ½ Years. Chester is shy with new people and is a rather laid back, quiet personality. He is extremely loyal once he becomes attached to someone. 

Adoptable Shar Pei mix from GGCHS Greenville, TNAdoptable dog from GGHCSChester is very hesitant around children, so they are not recommended. He has not gotten along with any dogs at HS so any other dog in the home would need to meet with Chester before adoption.

adoptable Shar Pei mix wearing red sunglasses, heart handband and red boa Chester being an only dog in a home without cats would be ideal. Chester has been at GGCHS for 23 weeks.

adoptable lab mix wearing red, white, blue, wig, peace sunglasses and holding USA sighCharlie is a 3-year-old male Lab mix. He is very energetic and seems to like other dogs (dogs in the home should still be introduced before adoption). Due to his energy level, small children are not recommended. He is a sweet boy who needs to have a home where he can get plenty of exercise.  I found him highly trainable, but a new owner may want to do a basic obedience class with him. He has not been cat tested.adoptable Cattle dog mix in 4th of July glasses,

Patches is a 1-year-old male Heeler mix. Patches are smart, social and very playful. He seems to get along good with all people but only certain dogs. Patches has not yet been cat tested. He has only been with GGCHS for two weeks.adoptable cat in Uncle Sam hat, Greenville, TN

Catnip is one ½-year-old Female Calico and White cat. She is a beautiful sweet cat that seems to get along with everyone. Catnip is now being featured at our local Pet Sense. She has been with GGCHS for six weeks.

adoptable senior cat in GGCHS Tigger is a female 15-year-old long hair Tabby Cat. Though she is a senior with some hair loss, she is still a beautiful girl who has a ton of love to give. Tigger is very laid back and enjoys curling up with the other cats for a long nap. She would love a calm home with lots of Temptation treats (her favorite) & a/or several cat friend (s). Tigger has been at GGCHS for over a year.adoptable pets, tuxedo cat in red, white, blue hat,

Blackie is a 3 ½-year-old male Tuxedo cat. He is incredibly sweet and laid back but wants to be wherever the action is. Blackie loves both other cats and dogs. He will seek out attention from all in a room and doesn’t shy away from children. His ideal home would have a couch where he can curl up with his person or people and is also a huge fan of Temptation treats. Blackie has been with GGCHS for 1 ½ years so almost half his life.

adoptable cats, Both Blackie and Tigger spent the last 4th of July in the shelter; it would be wonderful if they could celebrate this year in a real home.

If you have pets  (newly adopted or long time residents, please be sure to keep them safe during the 4th of July!)



Awww….these pictures are fantastic! I sure hope it gets these fur-kids the attention (and home) they each deserve. Kudos for going above and beyond.

Oh I love all these photos. Ms. Cornwell did a great job with conveying patriotic spirit in these photos with the cats and dogs. Super cute! I hope they find their forever homes asap!

These photos are amazing and I love the costumes. I hope these pets all find good homes as a result!

These photos are fabulous. It is such a good way to get attention to pets that deserve a loving home!

Shelby says:

These have to be some of the best pet photos I’ve ever seen. A++

Connie Cagle says:

You have a stellar photographer! Very fetching photos!

So festive and sweet- what a great way to show off these beautiful souls to potential families!

Such great pets! That Chester is just too cute. I could scoop him right up. Love his photos.

Amy Hempe says:

What wonderful photos! I love that shelters are starting to use this strategy to advertise their animals.

What a great post for adoptions! The photos are just fantastic.

I love the photos and pray they find homes soon as every pet deserves a warm bed, love and a home

Wonderful photos. I hope all of these dogs and cats can find an appropriate and loving forever home soon.

Robin says:

These pets are all so cute that I don’t know who to comment on first. I love the way they were all dressed up so festively for their photos. The photographer for my local rescue likes to do things like that too. 🙂 I hope they all find forever homes soon. It would be great to hear that the shelter has been emptied!

Denise says:

Oh my goodness I absolutely love the photos you’ve taken of our sweet adoptable furry friends! I’ve pinned to my rescues pinterest boards. Thank you for sharing your talents with them! I pray they all find their forever homes!!

    Beth says:

    Thanks, Lisa Cornwell did a great job with these profile pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them!

Kia says:

AW these photos are awesome! I sure hope these pets get a forever home soon. I’m sure these photos will help!

Karen says:

These are great photos! I hope all of these guys find forever homes very soon. Being homeless for over a year is a bummer!

Pamela says:

Featuring high quality photos on adoption sites is one of the best trends ever. How great that Lisa shares her talents with the shelter.

Omg these are paw-some!

These are so awesome. I have no doubt great photos and videos alter how people see rescues as that was the inspiration behind our Rescues Rock series. I just LOVE these photos – so fun – I hope these pets all find homes soon

Shayla says:

I love these photos for shelter babes! It’s such a great way to get attention on social media platforms!

What beautiful babies!! I hope they all get adopted soon. Great job on the photos w/ props!! The one of Blackie is super cool, it looks like he’s walking out of a fireworks explosion! I love that.

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