Focus: Inara at the Beach

One of my favorite places to be is an empty beach.  However, if I have to share the beach, I prefer to share it with other dog lovers and their dogs!  Photographer Alisha Sims took a vacation to Florida with her fiance and their dog, Inara. 

small Retriever mix at beach wearing glitter gold collar

From Alisha:  “My fiance Dakota and I both grew up with Golden Retrievers, so when we were planning to get our own dog, the choice was easy! However, at the time we lived in a condo, and they didn’t accept dogs over 30lbs.  Dakota searched high and low and found Inara. She is just 30lbs and looks and acts just like a Golden. 

small red retriever at beach

Inara loves the water, is eager to please and is very independent.

dog running on sandy beachWe drove down to Florida from Indiana, and she slept the entire ride down! This was Inara’s first trip to the beach, and she absolutely loved it. She loved jumping in the waves, chasing her ball and digging in the sand.

wet Retriever mix with ball on sandy beach This was also her first time at a dog park, so she enjoyed meeting and playing with all the other dogs.” 

dog play bow to ocean

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About Alisha Sims Photography:  Based in Evansville, Indiana, Alisha specializes in wedding and portrait photography.

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Aww, Inara is gorgeous! She is probably a Golden mix. Judging from these beautiful photos, it looks like she had a super great experience.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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