Focus: Josie the Black Labrador Retriever

It seems almost unfair that all of these gorgeous images are of the same dog.  Josie, the Black Lab, is the muse of photographer Luciana Calvin Photography.  These are precisely the type of photos that I wish everyone had.  If you are trying to find just the right gift for a pet lover,  I recommend a pet portrait session!  Most photographers and illustrators offer gift certificates.

Black Lab close up, snow dog, Black Lab with snow on face

From Luciana:  “Josie is my dog, and she helped me get my photography career started.

Black Lab standing in snowy woods, on location pet photography gorgeous black lab photography, winter dog portraitsWinter dog portraits, Black Lab wearing white, black collar, barking, winter woods She helped me get a merit image at IPC (International Photographic Competition)  in 2015 and a JustLabs magazine cover in 2016.

Retriever silhouette, dog and tall grass. lifestyle dog photography

She is my rock, and I can’t see life without her. 

young Black Lab standing on autumn leaves

Her life started in Cincinnati, OH. My husband was looking for a black lab and adopted her from  Three Sisters Pet Rescue.

She was sick for a while, and when he was able to pick her up, she was four months old. He left Chelmsford, MA  and drove 16 hours straight to be able to pick her up in the morning in Cincinnati, OH. In addition to Josie, he brought two other puppies that were adopted by families in Massachusetts. She rode shotgun back to Massachusetts like she knew that was her rightful place.  Originally she was named Josefina and was part of the rescues’  ‘American Girl’ pup collection. 

Black Lab with cupcake, lifestyle dog photography

Her dad, Keith, shortened her name to Josie, and now she is going to be 15 years old. I married Keith in 2009 when Josie was 5yrs. Three weeks before the wedding she had a stroke and spent a week at the hospital. We thought we would lose her, but she made through and had a full recovery. I can say that she is the most spoiled puppy I know (she still thinks she is a puppy) with puppy vacations at the beach, hikes at NH White mountains, cupcake birthdays, and a lot of walks at the Carlisle Cranberry Bog.

dog in woods, on location pet photography, MA dog photographer man hiking with dogs, lifestyle dog photographer dog running through field, on location dog photography, summer dog portraits Black Lab swimming with stick in her mouth, on location dog portraits Black Lab coming out of lake, on location dog photography, senior Golden Retriever mix and Black Lab wearing red white scarves, on location pet photography holiday dog photos, Black lab lying in snow in the woods, candy cane toy, red scarf

The yellow lab mix in some of the images is her sister Goldie, also a rescue from Kentucky.  Sadly, she passed away three years ago. Josie has one cat brother, Tony, and a cat sister, Carolina, both rescues.

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About Luciana Calvin Photography:  Based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Luciana specializes in portrait photography.  


She is just beautiful and what a lucky girl to have been adopted by such a fantastic family. Josie, age is just a number and you must remember that

Michelle says:

What a beautiful girl Josie is, so lovely to read her story and coming through so many illnesses. My favourite is the last photo in the snow with the red scarf.

Kamira G. says:

Aww Josie is a beauty. And happy 15th birthday!! Looking good. Wow what a wonderful backstory and blessing she’s been to their lives. Love all the photo images. My favorite is the birthday cupcake shot, she looks so happy!

Josie is THE most amazing looking dog. I love her against the snow she is a quiet heroine wiyh an amazing life – how she has an amazing family!

Jana Rade says:

What a sweetie. And the photography is breathtaking.

Robin says:

These photos are so gorgeous! Josie is an absolutely beautiful girl. It looks like she really loves her life. I love the photo of her swimming in the water. Everyone should have photos like this. They are so valuable after a pet leaves us to remember the beauty they had all their life.

Sadie says:

Josie is a beautiful girl and with that personality shining through, it’s easy to see how she is a photographer’s muse! I’m sorry she lost her sister, Goldie.

Josie is adorable and what a great rescue story. The photos are fantastic! Sandra and Dolly

Josie and the photos are so gorgeous. It is not easy to get such great shots of black dogs (I know as I have Kilo the Pug). Their eyes often get lost, especially with dogs of other lighter colors.I am inspired to take some of K Pug out in the white snow today. How lucky Josie found her perfect family and has had 15 wonderful years. #rescuesrock

Josie is beautiful and these are some amazing photographs.

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