Puppy Love: Tucker the Great Dane

Irresistible is the only way I can describe Tucker, the Great Dane puppy. With his dapper bow tie and “paws that he’ll grow into someday” he surely won the cutest puppy award somewhere!  Rebecca from ENV Photography captured all his cuteness before he became too big to carry.  

Great Dane puppy wearing red striped bow tieFrom Rebecca:  “Hayley and Jake celebrated a new addition to their family, Tucker, a Great Dane puppy!

merle Great Dane puppy sitting on grass, lifestyle dog photographyHe was only 9-10 weeks old during their session.

tiny Great Dane puppy on homemade dog bed, lifestyle dog portraitsHayley and Jake built this custom bed for Tucker. They adore him (as you can see in photos!)  I think you’ll find their photos to be the perfect evidence that dogs, are in fact and undoubtedly, part of the family!”

engagement photos with puppy, Great Dane puppy sitting between couple who are holding hands

From Hayley:  “Tucker is the most loveable and loyal companion that both my fiance and I have ever had.

man holding Great Dane puppyHe is the perfect fit for our family, and we cannot imagine our lives without him.  As we are just engaged, we wanted a dog to start our little family. Tucker is definitely a four-legged human and is spoiled like one too!

big puppy paws, couples hands supporting puppy paws,

Tucker sleeps with a certain teddy bear each night and loves to watch Spongebob Squarepants or Paw Patrol while his mommy and daddy are at work. We always are greeted with a wagging tail and lots of kisses.

puppy chewing on a stick during engagement photos couple and their puppy, lifestyle family photos couple and puppy on blanket in wildflowers Merle Great Dane puppy sitting next to brick wall, on location dog portraits couple smiling at each other, holding Great Dane puppy, Mount Vernon, Ohio lifestyle family photographyAlthough he is 145 pounds now, he loves sleeping in bed with us and has no concept of his size. Great Danes are truly remarkable dogs, and I would highly recommend a Great Dane to anyone who wants a lot of love in their life!” 

If you are looking to add a Great Dane to your life, please consider adoption!  

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Tucker also has his own Instagram account.

About ENV Photography:  Based in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Rebecca and her husband, Johnathan, specialize in senior portraits as well as wedding photography.


Sonja says:

Soulful eyes!! wow… old soul I would say. Wonderful photos.

kelly says:

My husband occasionally says he would love a Great Dane. We have met people with them and they seem to be the gentle giants of the dog world. Tucker is such a cutie but at 145lbs I couldn’t imagine sharing my bed with him LOL

Debbie says:

Oh my word.. what an adorable puppy! That bow tie and those baby blues are just too much. One of our good friends has Danes and watching that oversized puppy grow up was just the cutest.

That is one gorgeous puppy! Awesome photos, capturing his eyes and their love.

Oh, those eyes! What a photogenic pup, very soulful. I could drown in all these SQUEEE! puppy glam!

Kamira G. says:

Tucker is a sweetie pie. What a great photography session and memories to look back on. My favorite shot is the one where they are holding Tucker’s paws.

    Beth says:

    I think kids grow up too fast, I can only imagine how fast a giant breed grows.

OOOH My GOODNESS isn’t Tucker just gorgeous. Silly but he reminds me of marble cake (and I would have called him Marble!). I love the monochrome photoshoot as well. It doesn’t always have to be cute and soft focus, but and B?W can be a vision and a delight.

    Beth says:

    I can see why you would have named him Marble.

Tucker is adorable. Is he merle? That bed looks way too big for him but it looks like he’s grown into it quite rapidly!

JoeHx says:

Tucker is such a cute little great dane puppy! And I’m sure he still is a cutey at 145 pounds.

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