Best Dog: Oliver the Pointer mix

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue alum Oliver is a  handsome Greyhound/Labrador Retriever/ Pointer mix.  Although he lost a leg to canine cancer, he has a lot to smile about!  Thanks to KetaNuva Photography for these beautiful images!

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From Aubrey:  “Barrett really wanted a dog, but we were saving/planning for a wedding at the time, and I didn’t think it would be wise to add that to the mix.  Barrett brought up the possibility of taking care of a foster dog, and that’s how 3-month old Oliver came into our lives.  Within an hour of meeting Oliver, I knew he could not go back, so Barrett and I became ‘foster fails’ in September 2015.  Raising a puppy was hard work and exhausting, but so rewarding!

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We were excited to celebrate his first birthday on June 6, 2016, which also marked two months until our wedding. Unfortunately, about a week after his first birthday, Oliver developed a quarter sized lump on his back left leg. His vet suspected a swollen lymph node but brought up the possibility that, while highly unlikely for a dog his age, it could be cancerous. We decided to get the lump tested, and Oliver was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. Due to the location and size of the lump, surgeons and an oncologist decided it was best for Oliver to undergo amputation. It was probably the hardest month of our lives seeing Oliver in pain, not being able to sleep, and adjusting to his new life.

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Needless to say, going through that solidified Oliver’s centrality in our own lives. While we hadn’t originally planned on him coming to the wedding (he is rambunctious!), his amputation changed all of that: we simply couldn’t imagine having the wedding without him there.

bride giving treat to Pointer mix, wedding portraits little girl relaxing with Pointer Mix before wedding, Oliver is currently in remission doing remarkably well!”

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You can see more of this gorgeous wedding on the KetaNuva Photography blog.

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I am sure you share the hope that Oliver has a long and healthy life with Aubrey and Barrett! If you are ready to add a new family member, please consider adoption first.

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My partner and I are so looking forward to the day we get our first dog together, but I honestly don’t know how either of us would handle such a tough situation. Animals are such big parts of our lives, I know we would crumble if one our pets was sick or injured. Lovely to see him so happy and lively though, these photos are beautiful!

    Beth says:

    I hope you and your partner can get a pet together soon!

Dex says:


Ali A says:

adorable pup, beautiful couple! great shots!

Pamela says:

Great family. Great story.

Love reading how Oliver changed so many plans for this couple.

    Beth says:

    I love the way you think!

Abby says:

What a touching story, I’m so thankful for the happy ending!

Caroline says:

Such beautiful photos! <3

Such a cute dog! I know how a dog’s early and sudden illness changes things as my dog, Nica nearly died not long after I adopted her. She immediately became family that goes everywhere I go!

    Beth says:

    I’m glad she is okay and such a big part of your family now!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! We just adopted a rescue dog at an infamous kill shelter — I can’t imagine our lives without her! Sending you positive vibes! Beautiful photos!!!
xo Debbie |

    Beth says:

    Congratulations on your newest family member!

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