Is A Pet Stroller Right for Your Dog?

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Pet strollers are one of those things that I may have discounted when I first saw them.  I mean, I take my dog for a walk for exercise, why would I put her in a stroller?   However, I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of great reasons to have a pet stroller.

Maltese in pet stroller

Benefits Of Pet Strollers

There are lots of situations where a pet stroller comes in handy, here are just a few.

Senior dogs– many older dogs still enjoy an outing, but for many senior dogs walking is painful.

Injury or recovery from surgery –it is difficult to keep your dog from running around while they recover, a ride in the stroller can at least keep her nose and mind active.

Overweight or out of shape dogs – let your dog walk and ride as needed, sometimes a dog will get a second wind after a short rest in the stroller

A long walk on a hot day – if the pavement is scorching, you can push the dog in the stroller to the park.  (It was really hot when we took these photos, I would have ridden in the stroller if I could have.)

small white dog in dog stroller, shopping in the village

Emergency Evacuation –  the right pet stroller can double as a crate in an emergency situation and is much easier to move around.

Festivals, concerts, and conferences – these can become tiring for humans and dogs alike.  Nelly has napped in the stroller.  It also helps keeps her safe from being trampled,  aggressive dogs, and eating food that has fallen on the ground.  The stroller was ideal for Alice’s dog, Darla, when we went to BlogPaws.

Shopping –I’m not much of a shopper, but when I am shopping, I want to look at the merchandise, not worry if my dog has found something she shouldn’t.  Keeping her in the stroller, lets me concentrate on my purchases. I also think people are less likely to complain about dogs being in a store if the dog is in a stroller or carrier.

little dog in stroller, dog-friendly shopping tips

I think she likes having a high vantage point.

Maltese wearing pretty green collar, Mattie + Margot collar, hydrangeas

We can always find time to pose by some lovely flowers.  Don’t you love Nelly’s Mattie + Margot collar?

The Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Jogger Stroller arrived very soon after ordering.   It came unassembled.    I felt a little intimidated when I opened the box, so I handed the job off to my husband. He put it together in less than 20 minutes. 

dog in pet stroller, benefits of pet strollers for healthy dogs

 Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Jogger Stroller Features

No-Zip –I am always having trouble with zippers breaking, so this appeals to me. I don’t want Nelly stuck inside the stroller while I struggle with the zipper. (Note, I forgot to close this properly for the photo, it does latch.)

small dog in pet stroller, Pet Gear no zip jogger special

Drink Holders – I was a little disappointed in the drink holder.  It is too shallow to hold a standard water bottle, but it works well for soda in a thermos cooler.  There is room for keys and other necessities as well.

Pet Gear No Zip Special Jogger Stroller review

Large Mesh Windows – Nelly is very much a Mama’s girl. These windows allow ventilation as well as letting her see me at all times.

Stroller review, benefits of strollers for healthy dogs

Storage Basket –  Although the storage basket isn’t huge, it is big enough for my purposes.  I can also put items behind Nelly if needed.

Maltese in pet stroller, hydrangeas, day lilies in bloom

Hard Plastic Wheels – It traverses well on grass and gravel.  But runners might prefer a stroller with a bigger front wheel for easier control and a smoother ride.

Weight Capacity –45 lbs. I can easily put any two of my dogs together in the stroller, but not all 3.  However, other models can accommodate larger dogs.

The only real issue I have with this stroller is that it is not simple to collapse. Before you fold it, you have to unwrap two velcro flaps.  It may not be difficult, but it is an extra step that I don’t want to have to do. (You also need to reattach them before using the next time.)

Do you think your dog would benefit from a pet stroller?  If there is anything else you’d like to know about this pet stroller, just ask!

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Abby says:

I really like this idea! I’m an avid walker and sometimes want to go further than my furry friend can handle. I love that this would allow me to take them with me!

Rebecca says:

Love this idea for senior dogs or dogs who are injured! Now they can enjoy the walk like everyone else!

Hannah says:

Thanks for the review, Beth! This seems like a wonderful investment for all types of dog owners.

Felicia says:

I haven’t considered getting a pet stroller for my dog since he is 11 going on 12. Might be something I should look into even more!

    Beth says:

    I think both of you would appreciate having it!

Great review Beth, but you forgot one great reason for Pet Strollers… when you are staying at a hotel, and your dog refuses to walk on the marble floor, lol! Thanks for sharing this Stroller with Darla and I at Blogpaws, it was a real life saver!

My good friends have a bulldog who loves to go out but is having health issues that makeit quite difficult. It is so cute to see here in a stroller. Typically I only see much smaller dogs.

Melanie says:

I never thought about how handy it would be in an emergency evacuation. This one looks good for our dog.

Pamela says:

Nelly is a very sweet model.

And I second Abby’s thinking. We haven’t owned a car for many years and we got a bike cart so we could take Honey places that were a short bike ride but a pretty long walk.

Personally, I’m a fan of any item that allows our pups to enjoy spending more time with us.

Aimee J says:

I never thought about using a stroller while recovering from injuries. It is a great idea. Do you know if they make strollers for medium and large breeds?

    Beth says:

    There are strollers for medium and large breed dogs as well as for small dogs (and cats.)

I aim to gety our cats a stroller for the summer. They are outdoor BUT it would be perfect for walkable vet transport.

I used to think strollers for pets were a bit weird, but now I’m actually a big fan. I can see using one for Phoebe when she gets older and begins to lose stamina & mobility. I love the dog in this post, she looks a lot like Phoebe!
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    Beth says:

    I’ve always thought that Nelly and Phoebe look a lot alike.

I love this stroller! I also love Wayfair. Nelly should be the spokesdog for both!

I really like the idea of a stroller, specially in crowded places when your little one can get nervous. Ours is getting old and I think it’s time we invested in one. Your photos are beautiful by the way!

    Beth says:

    Thanks for the compliment about the photos, my sister took them! I really think you and your dog will be happy with a stroller.

Nelly’s so cute. Looks like she loves the stroller. Great post. I never was one to consider a stroller for my pets however you’ve made some very good arguments. I’ve changed my mind. Thank you. I know for the future when I adopt again a stroller will be something I will consider.

OMG..your pup is RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE! How do you get anything done around her and not just want to snuggle her ALL day long!!!!! Love the pet stroller and clearly so does she!!

    Beth says:

    Nelly can be pretty distracting at times. When she tilts her head I can’t resist her.

Debbie says:

Aww, Nelly looks so happy in her stroller. I pretty much dismissed strollers at first too, but I have decided to keep them as an option as my dogs get older. It would be nice to be able to bring them and way for them to relax if and when they needed a break.

That looks like a really nice stroller. I’ve thought about getting one for my cats, but I’m not sure how they would like it. I would though, because it would give me an excuse to go walking more. 🙂 ~Island Cat Mom

    Beth says:

    I know some places have a pretty good return policy, including Wayfair, but you should check before you order!

Shelby says:

I really like that stroller. I use one for my dogs when we go places that there may be sick dogs such as the vet! 🙂 Or in a store.

Before I started blogging I never even knew they made pet strollers. My dogs are both about 75 lbs so it wouldn’t even be a possibility. But it makes a lot of sense when I read your post.

Jana Rade says:

These do look adorable and I can see how it could work for a small dog. Cookie, I can’t picture even considering trying to keep her in one of these even if she fit which she wouldn’t. First squirrel sighting and she’d be gone.

    Beth says:

    Most strollers for big dogs also have an enclosure (or a leash clip), but I think Cookie would get through the net enclosure pretty quickly.

You raise some really great uses for a pet stroller that I hadn’t considered. I know I’m not the first person to say this but I really wish a company would come out with a large stroller for dogs, preferably with hydraulic lifts 😉 Especially, as Zora’s osteoarthritis, it would be nice to take her for longer walks knowing I could put her in the stroller before she could over do it.

    Beth says:

    That is a great idea! I know there are bigger strollers, but I’m not sure if there are any with lifts.

My 18 year old rescue dog has arthrtis and an enlarged heart, but he still loves goilg vor walks He wants to walk farther than the vet says is safe, so this is ideal way to,get him out and about.

    Beth says:

    A stroller would be perfect for him, you could take him a good distance in the stroller, so he still feels like he is exploring.

That’s a very nice pet stroller. I’ve thought about trying to harness and leash train the girls so they can travel with me and I’ve seen several cat owners who use strollers to get their cats around.

    Beth says:

    I might take my cat on trial stroller ride.

Shayla says:

Oh man, I am already pushing around a human baby stroller! We did however, used to use a wagon for my Scoonie, and he loved it! He did always want to walk instead though…of course he was 75lbs and it wasn’t always as easy as loading up littles!

    Beth says:

    I bet it put a smile on everyone’s face to him in the wagon!

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