5 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Friends

June 8 is Best Friends Day.  There are so many things to love about dogs that it is easy to see why they are considered man’s best friend.  In addition to their unconditional love and wagging tails, I’ve come up with a few traits that I think qualify dogs as the best friends a person can have.

5 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Friends.


1. A dog will never tell your secrets to anyone else.


However, if you are trying to sneak a snack, it might be a good idea to share.


2.  Most dogs are always up for an adventure!


Unless you are headed to the dreaded V-E-T, dogs are happy to go wherever their best friend is going.  And some, like my dog Nelly, are even excited to go the vet.

Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the house!

3.  They don’t get embarrassed easily.

They don’t care if you laugh at them…

And they don’t care how you look either!

 4.  They aren’t afraid to show how much they care!


Even if your dog doesn’t like to cuddle, they are sure to greet you with a wagging tail and big grin.


5. They are always willing to try again!

Dogs end up in shelters for lots of different reasons, but almost all of them are ready to love!

Here are some of the dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary who are waiting to meet their new best friend!

Adopt A New Best Friend

5 reasons dogs make best friends


If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please visit the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary website.

What do you love about your best friend?





…and they are loyal to a fault.
…and they are cute!
…and they are family!

Those are just a few more reasons whey dogs are awesome. I’m sure dog owners can think of so many more reasons. Cute post to remind us why dogs are man’s BFF!

The photos in this post are so beautiful. I love that Lola is a people cat and is happy to just be by my side. I love that Lexy is inquisitive and has a humorous personality.

    Beth says:

    Cats make great friends too! It is always so fun to see the different personalities in our pets.

Mr. N is very good at keeping secrets. And no one else is that excited to see me! Mr. N is always happy to try new things.

This is adorable and entirely true! Thanks for including one of my photos in this awesome post! xoxo

Awe, how cute is this post! Sometimes I think Ruby does get embarrassed, but I think I’m just projecting. Love this post and am also going to tweet it out.

    Beth says:

    We did have a poodle who was not fussy, once we took her to the groomer and they gave her a very poodle cut and painted her toenails. We did think she was embarrassed by her new look.

Love this! Made me smile the whole way through and all SO TRUE! I love that you say dogs do not get embarrassed easily – unlike my kids LOL!
They are not that modest – dogs – are they?!

Jana Rade says:

Dogs are precious. Though Cookie, while perhaps not embarrassed, does not care for outfits and does tell on daddy when he gets strict with her.

    Beth says:

    Cookie is very clever!

Yay! What a super cute post, and very true as well. It always amazing me how dogs live in the moment and shelter pets are so open to finding a new loving home. Rescue pets are the best pets.

Amy Hempe says:

I am never lonely with my dogs around. They have given me so much happiness in my life, and I never have to try and impress them.

    Beth says:

    Isn’t it great how they just love us for who we are?

Some of those faces – too cute for words! Shelter cats give so much love I would never adopt any other way!!

    Beth says:

    The only cat I’ve ever had was a stray cat. If I ever get another cat, it will be a shelter cat or another stray.

Beautiful dogs for adoption at Best Friends!! These are all great reasons why dogs make great besties – there are lots more, but you’ve covered the best ones!
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    Beth says:

    It was so hard to narrow this post down to just a few reasons!

Seriously cute photos. As I’m struggling with photos this weekend, I’m especially admiring them. 🙂

Such adorable photos. I grew up with dogs and remembering going outside and crying into my dog’s fur as a child.

For me the most important one is that dogs do not judge and accept you for who you are, which not many people do

Robin says:

Dogs do make great best friends! I grew up with a dog that I loved to pieces. She was definitely my BFF. I will love her forever. There is so much that I’ve learned from my experience with her. I encourage anyone that is considering adopting a pet to do it because it will change your life for the better.

Such great reasons and all so true! Dogs are our best friends and this is a great day to recognize them for it!

Dogs really do make wonderful friends, for all the reasons you listed and then some! I’d definitely say that my pets (and husband) are my best friends!

    Beth says:

    Cats make great friends too!

Kia says:

Dogs absolutely make the best friends ever! So agree with everything you have listed. I definitely consider my dog my best friend.

I could not possibly love this post more than I do! Each and every picture highlights the truth that dogs do indeed make the best friends for so many reasons. Their unconditional love, resiliency and ability to brighten any day are just some of the reasons…now I’m off to procrastinate for a few minutes so I can hug all three of my best friends! 😉

Yes to all of these! What a great lineup of reasons and (of course) photos! Dogs are also willing to be goofy, don’t mind if you cry big fat ugly tears, and help you to find pure joy in the simple things!

Pamela says:

I love more things about Honey than I can count. But today I love her for shedding like a fiend so we could use her fur to clean up some oil that got into the bilge.

Yep, dog hair saves marine life. 🙂

    Beth says:

    That is a great reason to have a dog on a boat! I don’t know if I would have thought to use dog hair to soak up oil.

Katie says:

This is so true! My pups definitely make me laugh all the time! They are also always there for me and ready to cuddle and be petted.

Becca says:

I loved this post so much! My dog, Roxie is my best friend. So I connected so much to this! I love dogs so much, I can’t even!

Awww, so many adorable dog pictures! We have two cats and they are full of so much love too.

I love those reasons! They are so true! My best friend is currently laying right next to me while I get some work done. Also, I love that you have a few dogs listed that need a home. Makes my heart smile!

Kim says:

Unconditional love…I don’t know what I’d do without my dog…LOVE him so much

Natalie says:

Aw this post is so sweet!

AWE love this post! warmed my heart! I know my dog is my bestfriend!

I love our dog. He’s our first child and he’s been there for me through so much. I have anxiety and occasional depression and he was a huge help to me when my husband was overseas for 12 months a couple years ago. I don’t know what I would have done without him 🙂

    Beth says:

    I am glad he was there for you! My dogs have always been a huge source of comfort to me.

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