Best Dogs: Pandora, Gus & Beatrice

I love dogs in weddings, and this gorgeous elopement from Meghan Rolfe Photography may take the cake!  

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From Meghan:  “Ivy & Adam came down from NJ, and decide to elope with their doggies on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We did the ceremony near the parking lot for Devil’s Courthouse, and then we traveled down the road to Graveyard Fields for some fun portraits of Ivy, Adam and the pups.

We had a perfect day and perfect weather to let those fall colors shine!”

© Meghan Rolfe Photography | Best Dogs, Wedding dogs, elopement Blue Ridge Parkway From Ivy:  “Our day was truly wonderful and we were so happy to be able to share it with our pups! Meghan did an awesome job with the photos!  All three of our dogs were adopted from shelters. They each came into my/our lives during times of great change so it was only fitting to include them in one of the biggest events of our life.

© Meghan Rolfe Photography | dog ring bearer, Best Dogs, Wedding dogs, rings on dog collar© Meghan Rolfe Photography | elopement with dogs, dog ring bearer, outside elopement ceremony© Meghan Rolfe Photography | Gorgeous Pit bull ring bearer, pittie in flowers, Best Dogs, Wedding dogs, The white pit bull with the eye patch is Pandora. She is my soul pup and she came into my life long before my husband did. I adopted her as a 10 month old pup from Philadelphia Animal Care and Control right before a very stressful time in my mid twenties. I was changing career paths, started going back  to school, had just gotten out of a relationship and I was moving back to my hometown. She was the only thing that kept me sane during this time. Our daily walks were my time to clear my head and they really forged an amazing relationship between the two of us.

© Meghan Rolfe Photography | Best Dogs, Wedding dogs © Meghan Rolfe Photography | Best Dogs, Wedding dogs, dogs in weddings © Meghan Rolfe Photography | Best Dogs, Wedding dogs, dogs wearing floral collars and bow tie, handsome dogA several years later things were looking much better for me and I decided Dora could use a buddy to keep her company. I began scouring shelter websites for her perfect pit bull brother. I went to look at a 6 month old puppy at the Atlantic County Animal Shelter  but by the time I had gotten there he was adopted.

I walked down the row of kennels to see if anyone else would make a good brother for Dora and that when I spotted Angus (the red pittie). I couldn’t resist his big fat head and his ‘happy dance.’  I had to wait a week to pick him up since he still needed to be neutered. During that week I went to visit him several times and on the last visitation I decided to bring along the guy I had just started dating. When I saw them meet I was positive they would both be in my life forever. That man is now my husband and him and Gus have developed an incredible bond similar to the one Dora and I have.

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Luckily our relationship was strong as a rock because it seemed as soon as we realized we were the “ones” for each other life threw us some curveballs. My husband lost his father and my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. All of this made me want to use my life to make a difference and we decided to try fostering for the first time. We picked up Beatrice (the puggle) from ACCT Philly and had only intended to foster her for a few weeks. Obviously, we just couldn’t part with her.

© Meghan Rolfe Photography Best Dogs, Wedding dogs, autumn wedding photos with dogs

We joke that she is our pittie’s pet because she completed our pack perfectly and gives us all constant entertainment.

© Meghan Rolfe Photography | Best Dogs, Wedding dogs

They are our world.”  

Pandora, Gus and Beatrice have an amazing Instagram account.  

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About Meghan Rolfe Photography:  Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Meghan specializes in portraits and wedding photography.




Wow, what a sweet elopement!

Suzanne says:

Beautiful pictures. I love it when pet parents involve their dogs in their weddings. Great scenery too!

Naomi Lin Bastedo says:

Love that this beautiful moment was featured for someone who deserves nothing but the best. I have the pleasure of knowing Ivy, having worked with her in my early 20s, and forging a friendly relationship. She’s a wonderful woman and I can only imagine her husband has got to be just as perfect. Dora’s the only pup I’ve gotten to know of the bunch but I’m so jealous how well-behaved and enthusiastic they all are during picture-time. Congrats! Beautiful photos!

Holly says:

What wonderful photos! You both look so happy! May you both have many many years of happiness! Happy Anniversary.

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