Best (Wedding) Dog: Penny the French Bulldog Mix

It is no secret that I think dogs are family.  So, I especially love the fact that Penny, the French Bulldog mix, was the only attendant in this beautiful wedding photographed by Elements of Light Photography

bulldog mix and wedding couple outside among evergreens, wedding dog ©Elements of Light PhotographyFrom Susan:  “Kiersten and Corey brought their families to Big Sky, Montana to celebrate their wedding.  This destination wedding included their sweet French Bulldog mix, Penny, as their only attendant, great fun with their family and friends, and spectacular Rocky Mountain views! 

French Bulldog mix lying on rug, lifestyle dog photography ©Elements of Light Photography

Kiersten is a naturally frugal person (it is all a game to her) and also environmentally conscious, so the natural choice of flowers was paper flowers from Eco-Flowers.  But, Corey topped her frugality (somewhat to her surprise) when he used a card from his work to write his beautiful love note to her for their First Look celebration – the smiles and laughter from his triumph were amazing!”

wedding dog, French bulldog mix, bride, groom in meadow, Rocky Mountain wedding ©Elements of Light Photography

From Kiersten:  “I have always had dogs growing up, and when we bought our home on Halloween of 2014, I knew it wasn’t a home until we got a dog. A month later, I saw the most adorable French and Olde English bulldog mix online and instantly was in love. I immediately texted Corey and asked if we could get her, but his response was ‘no girl puppies.’ A few hours of begging and a 400-mile drive later, a 10-week-old Penny was the newest family member and roommate. Penny was a Christmas Eve gift that we’ll never regret.  

groom holding dog, bride looking at dog, wedding dog, Rocky Mountains in background ©Elements of Light Photography

She has been on every road trip with us from the start. Penny has more energy than any bulldog should ever have, but she also listens as much as any bulldog I’ve known. Training her has been completely driven by what she wants, rather than what her owner commands. Luckily she has an intense love for ice cubes (we haven’t had the heart to tell her those aren’t actual ‘t-r-e-a-t-s.’)

wedding dog, bride, groom and dog on dirt road, Montana wedding photography ©Elements of Light Photographydog giving side eye ©Elements of Light Photography Mixed breed wearing green rope leash and collar, wedding bouquet, ©Elements of Light PhotographySome of the wedding pictures explain it all; she has better things to do than listen to our silly requests for her to sit, stay, or look this way. Penny loves frisbees and anything that squeaks.

Bulldog mix and bouquet, dog of honor, wedding dog ©Elements of Light PhotographyShe should have been hired as a dog toy tester because she can destroy any toy that graces her presence.  Penny has a love for every human and dog that she has come across. Her true goal in life is to make anyone around her smile. She has been successful at it since day one, and we love spending everyday spoiling her rotten trying to reciprocate the joy she gives us.”

bride, groom and dog walking on dirt road in Rocky mountain setting, ©Elements of Light Photography

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About Elements of Light Photography:  Based in Bozeman, Montana, Susan Beth Bruener, specializes in wedding and portrait photography.


So fun to see these photos being enjoyed by others! Penny was the star of the show, but she couldn’t have gotten there without Kiersten and Corey showing her the way!

Those flowers are gorgeous! And they’re made of paper, you say? WOW. They look lovely, as do the bride and groom, and beautiful little Penny, too. PURRS

The photographs you always share with the stories are so inspiring and beautiful. I love reading your blog and sometimes wish I could be so good with photography

Sonja says:

That is one SERIOUS leash! wow!!! Love the shot with the flowers… clever! Our pup WAS the bouquet so … but if ever there is a renewal I think we might take this idea!

That FACE. What an absolute picture it is. Why doesn’t everyone getting married have their pets in the pictures. It’s pure magic.

wonderful photos… the expression on his face makes every photo a great one!

Kamira says:

Aww. What a lovely wedding shoot. Penny;s face is priceless. I totally agree a house is not a home until you have four paws in the four walls. Congrats to the bride and groom!

Penny is so cute! I love seeing these wedding shoots with dogs. Such great photos!

Sadie says:

I want to renew my vows just so we can include our (furry) pack in the occasion. I love that dogs are being included in weddings. The flowers are beautiful – great idea!

    Beth says:

    I hope you do that!

Penny is so cute- what a great mix. She sounds like an adorable character and I love how they were able to include her on her terms LOL. I try the ice trick with Kilo in summer but he still prefers actual treats. Stunning photos as always. They really capture the love and that bouquet is so cool.

These photos are so precious. I’m sure they’ll be so happy they got photos with their fur baby. And I love her dress too!

Katherine says:

Dogs truly are family members and you captured that perfectly here! So adorable and something they’ll cherish FOREVER.

Love when couples include the dog in any session, but especially wedding portraits!

Her dress is gorgeous and Penny is just too cute! These photos are GORGEOUS!

Penny is absolutely adorable, and the dress is stunning! I love photos of dogs in weddings and I definitely will include my pup in mine one day! 🙂

Hindy Pearson says:

Stunning pictures, I’ve always wanted to go to Montana. I love all these couples who include dogs in their photos. Why not, they’re part of the family. I can’t imagine what my family would think if I ever tried that. I think you mentioned the flowers are paper – they’re magnificent, hard to believe…unless they’re real!!

    Beth says:

    The flowers are paper!

Penny is so so so cute!!! Love the scenery, too. These photos are gorgeous!

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