Puppy Love: Ruby the Lab/Shepherd Mix

Happy weekend! Ruby, the Lab/Shepherd mix, and her new family members celebrated her adoption with a family photo session with Amanda Lane Photography.  Originally from Puerto Rico, Ruby traveled a long way to meet her family, but it was worth it!

Lab/Shepherd mix pupppy in tall grass

From Amanda:  “Lauryn and Pat just recently got married and decided it was time to grow their family, so they adopted the cutest little puppy!

newly adopted puppy with people in background, lifestyle pet photography ©Amanda Lane Photography Lauryn and Pat met years ago at the restaurant Ruby Tuesday so naturally, they named their puppy Ruby. Ruby enjoyed being the star of the show. Occasionally we gave Ruby a break and let Mom and Dad enjoy the limelight! Congratulations to Lauryn and Pat on their newest addition!”

black puppy with red heart shaped tag, on location family-pet portraits

From Lauren:  “We had such a wonderful time doing photos with Amanda!! She is a wonderful person, friend, and photographer.

puppy love, man's best friend,  We love our little Ruby girl.  Ruby was approximately three months old at the time of these photos.

Lab/Shepherd mix wearing Jets bandana lying on white blanketwoman and man standing in field holding adorable black lab mix puppy We love our little Ruby girl.  Ruby was approximately three months old at the time of these photos. My husband and I rescued Ruby through an organization called “Paw Safe Rescue.”

puppy looking over woman's shoulder, summer family portraits summer family dog photography, couple walking with puppy in beautiful country setting

 Ruby is actually from Puerto Rico. As reported to us, Ruby is a lab/shepherd mix though seeing that she seems to be staying on the smaller side, she probably has another breed (s) mixed in!  We don’t have any children yet, so she is our first baby!”

You can see more of Ruby, Lauren, and Pat on Amanda’s blog.

About Amanda Lane Photography: Located in the Hudson Valley, Amanda specializes in portrait photography. 



Michelle says:

Lovely photos, Ruby is adorable and the love really shines through in all the pictures.

JoeHx says:

Awwww Ruby is so adorable!

The photos are stunning and capture the happiness shared between Ruby and her family! Also, its’ interesting to read how Ruby got her name. What a great idea and such a meaningful way to choose a name tied to a special memory. Ruby is a gem!

PAWsitively stunning photos. I love the way the dog, humans, surrounding area and the light are captured. I’ve pinned images so I can remember the settings. Congrats to the whole family for finding each other!

Gorgeous photos as always. What a cute couple and puppy. They all look so happy- made me smile too on this dull Sunday here.

    Beth says:

    I’m glad we could bring a smile to you! Amanda did a beautiful job with these photos!

Ruby is so adorable! black dogs are often overlooked in shelters so kudos for adopting her!

Amy Hempe says:

Ruby is gorgeous and these photos are very impressive. I need to learn to read light as well, particularly on a black dog’s face like these photos.

What beautiful photos! Ruby is adorable! I’m so happy for all three of them and the new life they are starting together.

Sonja says:

So nice to see such a great shot of a black dog. Harder to capture if my own black pets are anything to remember. What a cutie!!!

Monika says:

The love between this dog and her humans is so obvious and Amanda did a great job capturing it in the photo!

Kamira says:

I love Ruby Tuesdays and I think it’s adorable they named Ruby after the place they met. So sweet. They’ll remember this moment forever. I love the last photo…so magical, like God is watching. Love!

Ashton says:

I love these photos, they are so beautiful!!! I really love that she is included in such a special moment in their lives, it shows she has an amazing home. Yay for Ruby and congrats to the happy couple!!

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