Engaging Tails: Luke the Golden Retriever

 Luke the handsome Golden Retriever, was a perfect model for Anna Grace Photography in this Save the Date beach session.  Although he’s pretty young, Luke modeled like a pro! 

Golden Retriever puppy wearing Save the Date sign, beach engagement photos with dog ©Anna Grace PhotographyFrom Anna:  “Susan and Stephen are getting married in June and couldn’t be more excited. They recently added a fluffy sweetheart to their family so he had to be in the engagement shoot!

Bethany Beach engagement pictures with dog, ©Anna Grace PhotographyLuke is a beautiful golden puppy who loved walking around on the beach with his parents. He even wore a few different signs and the cutest bowtie!”

handsome dog wearing bow tie, engagement photos with Golden Retriever on boardwalk ©Anna Grace Photography | Beach engagement photos with dog, Bethany Beach, DE

From Stephen:  “Luke is a one-year-old Golden Retriever that absolutely loves playing on the beach, and cannot stand being away from his human parents.  So we knew that he just had to be part of our engagement shoot!”

dog wearing "my parents are getting married sign," ©Anna Grace Photography | Beach engagement photos with dog, Bethany Beach, DE Golden Retriever wearing bow tie and sign, engagement photos on boardwalk ©Anna Grace Photography, Bethany Beach, DE couple on sandy beach with dog, beach engagement photos with puppy, ©Anna Grace Photography couple holding hands on the beach, dog lying between them ©Anna Grace Photography | Beach engagement photos with dog, Bethany Beach, DE ©Anna Grace Photography | Beach engagement photos with dog, Bethany Beach, DEromantic engagement photos at the beach, dog lying in sand at the beach, ©Anna Grace Photography

Follow Anna Grace Photography on Instagram. You can see more of Luke, Susan, and Stephen on Anna’s blog.

About Anna Grace Photography:  Based in Towson, Maryland, Anna and her husband, Kevin, specialize in family portraits and wedding photography.


Jan says:

Talk about #stylegoals! Love their outfits and their pup is so cute

Luke is absolutely adorable (aren’t all Goldens) and I love his green bow-tie! Looks they all have a bright and happy future together. Lovely photos.

Sarah says:

What a beautiful puppy and lucky owners!! He looks like such a well-behaved dog and so handsome in the bow-tie…I bet his owners love the fact that he always wants to be around them! Susan’s dress and shoes are perfect for a beach engagement photo shoot (#nailedit) as is Stephen’s polo outfit. Happy (almost) Wedding to the couple, I hope they get to include Luke in the ceremony too 🙂

Stu says:

What a great looking couple with a beautiful Golden! I want a Golden who looks like Luke!

Helen says:

This is so adorable! I love Goldens SO much. These are beautiful family photos.

Jess says:

So sweet! I love it when the fur babies are included in special moments like that. I always think of how I will want to include my pup when the time comes for my wedding!

Oh my goodness! Luke is an absolutely beautiful boy! I always wanted a Golden when I was younger, and they still have a piece of my heart!

    Beth says:

    Years ago when I was looking to get a dog, my vet recommended getting a Golden Retriever. He said that they were the ultimate family dogs. We fell in love with a Keeshond, (seriously the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen) and she was also a great family dog!

Katherine says:

Love these pictures!!

Debbie says:

As Luke’s great Aunt (and a Golden owner as well), and Steve and Susan’s true Aunt you captured this soon to be wedded couple with such perfection. Love these photos!

Amanda says:

Oh my goodness! How precious! What a handsome fella!!

Golden Retrievers are just so darn good looking!! You know, I really do absolutely LOVE every breed of dog… but Luke here looks very much the part of a super model!

How cute is this???? LOVE

Kamira Gayle says:

Luke is so adorable. I love the save the date with this photo shoot. So cute and romantic and very original. I love the bow tie as well.

Tonya says:

These are great! Luke is such a great model and seems to be so patient. My previous dog was a golden, I love seeing them.

    Beth says:

    I think he is incredibly handsome!

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