Best Dogs: Biggins and Ollie

Weddings are one of the biggest days in a person’s life. However,  it also one of the busiest days ever for the bride and groom and it goes by in an instant!  A wedding photographer is, in my opinion, the most important professional of the day.   Photos last forever.   If you are including your dogs in the wedding, hire a wedding photographer who can do them justice, like Megan Dailor Photography.

Yorkie, bride, groom, Yellow Lab walking, wedding dogs

From Megan:  “Alyssa and Bill included their 5 pound Yorkie, Ollie,  and 137 pound Yellow Lab, Biggins, in their wedding.

bride holding Yorkie wearing bow tie, wedding dog

The Yorkie was a gift for Alyssa by Bill after only having dated for 3 months! They’d been stalking this litter online just to enjoy the cuteness and one of the buyers fell through so Bill pounced and gave possibly the most ill-advised but most adorable and well-loved gift ever.

Yellow Lab in weddingYorkie, little boy, man walking down wedding aisle, dogs in weddings Yellow lab in wedding smiling Yellow Labrador Retriever during wedding Rochester wedding photography, dogs in weddingsbride, groom and their dogs, Yorkie and Lab in wedding

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About Megan Dailor Photography:  Based in Rochester, NY, Megan’s background is photojournalism.  She specializes in wedding photography in Western and Central NY.  She is accustomed to working in an unobtrusive manner, which results in photographs showing authentic emotion and real moments.


Kamira Gayle says:

Beautiful pictures. Megan definitely captured the special love between the bride and groom and their furry family members. My favorite pic is #1, #2 and the last. I could look at these all day. Thanks for sharing Megan’s lovely work.

We have hired one for our Aug 19th wedding because we have 8 dogs as guests too! Complete with dog room, dog sitter, dog treats games etc. I have to capture that!

Beautiful crisp photos. They really evoke the love and affection between the furry and bipedal family. I agree that the photographer should be the most important vendor at your wedding. I still love looking at my wedding photos.

Don’t they look happy, and I am so glad the dogs are there. If my cats couldn’t be at my wedding = no wedding. 🙂

Debbie says:

Awww, that’s so great that the dogs were involved, and they looked so happy to be there too. The pics are adorable and so is that Yorie <3 Best ill-advised gift ever. Glad it worked out for all involved. You can tell there is a lot of love in this little family 🙂

What an adorable pair Ollie and Biggins make – and of course the bride and groom are a perfect as well! I have always loved a Yorkie in a bow-tie! My heart dog Pip (a rescued yorkie) was kind of famous for his red bow-tie.

Love how Megan was able to capture the emotions of the wedding and especially the interaction with the dogs.

A yorkie in a bow tie is always dapper! Lovely wedding shots of everyone together.

Wow Megan did an awesome job. It is not easy, especially with all the different colours, sizes and personalities but she really captured the dogs and humans beautifully. So romantic.

I wish we would have thought to include our dog in our wedding! Maybe it’s time to renew our vows and do it all over again!

Allison says:

Congrats to Alyssa and Bill on their marriage! The photos looking great too. Their dog seems pretty happy with the marriage too 😀

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