Creative Ways to Include Pets On Your Wedding Day

Today’s post was written by Amber Kingsley. 

For many pet owners, their beloved animals are often considered members of their family. So, it only makes sense that you could not imagine your wedding day without your favorite pet being involved. It does not matter what type of pet you own—from various dog breeds, cats, birds, pigs or even reptiles—there is always spot within the wedding day festivities for your pet. Here are some of our most creative ways to include your pet in your big day.

Special Roles


When it comes to wedding planning, prepare for your pet to make a grand entrance at your wedding by including them as a part of the wedding party. For instance, pets can serve as sign holders, ring bearers, flower girls or even escort the bride and others down the aisle. The most well-behaved pets can even have a starring role and walk themselves down the aisle!


This is a great photo opportunity to capture such sweet moments. When it comes to bearing a sign, have your pet wear a catchy slogan that puts a smile on the faces of your guests. These are signs that can capture the essence of the love you have for your partner and your new furry family member. Smaller pets such as rabbits or ferrets can be carried down the aisle. This means that in lieu of carrying a bouquet, brides can carry their treasured pets in baskets or other comfortable carrying cases instead.

Also, do not forget to have your pet wear their own bow tie, tuxedo or dress in a color that matches the wedding’s theme.

Pets can even have a spot at the altar when the couple is taking their vows. These are memorable, fun and exciting ways to make your pet feel special and it is a great way to delight each of your guests in attendance. Don’t forget—if your pet will be at the wedding for its entire duration be sure to have plenty of treats and fresh dog food handy for their good work and efforts. You can even have special wedding-day treats made just for them!


Featuring Their Likeness


For pets that may not be able to directly attend the wedding for a number of reasons including behavior, skittish nerves or old age, there are other ways to ensure they are present and not forgotten. Even before the wedding day capture the special moments and incorporate your dog’s likeness on items such as engagement photos, wedding invitations, and save the date photographs.

You can even include them as a part of the surprise proposal (for instance having your dog wear the ring attached to his or her collar and presenting it to the bride-to-be)!

On the day of the wedding, if your pet cannot physically walk down the aisle or otherwise cannot be present, you still have plenty of options for their participation in the event.

For example, fun cake toppers created in the image of your pet and added atop your wedding cake are a great way to show you are thinking about them.

Your entire cake can even be baked in the likeness of your pet for an amazing treat for all guests in attendance.

You do not have to leave your pet out of your big day. By including your furry pal in your wedding day plans, you are demonstrating your love and devotion to them and to your new blended family. Any (or all) of these creative approaches to including your pet in your wedding will be sure to create memories for your new family that will last an entire lifetime.

About the author:  Travel junkie, Amber Kingsley, is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica, CA. Her art history background helps her hone in on topics that are of interest to readers. She is a dog enthusiast and loves spending time with her Pomeranian, Agatha.


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The wedding dresses and the tuxedos are just adorable! (For the four legged bridal party members!) I love that more and more people are including their pets on their special days.

These are such cute ideas!! I love the floral leash idea!

Michelle says:

We didn’t have dog when we got married, but if we had, I would have definitely had the cake toppers, they are so cute! So many great ideas to include your pets on your special day.

I love these ideas! I wish we’d been able to include our Ginger when we got married, but we were on a cruise ship so it wasn’t possible. That cake topper is the cutest thing ever!

I love when people include their dogs in their wedding ceremony and photographs!

Alix Maza says:

I love all these ideas! I will be including my dog in my wedding without a doubt haha.

    Beth says:

    That’s great!

Such great ideas! I love all the photos (the dog on the beach with “floral leash” is an amazing idea)! So creative!

All of these photos are so great! We didn’t have pets when we got married but if we did I think I would have wanted some photos with them 🙂

Lily says:

Looking back I so wish we would have incorporated our boxer into our wedding day. She was big but such a sweetheart!

This is so cute! I wish we could have had our dogs in our wedding!

I would love to have my pup in my wedding if I get married, but I think she’d be a little too nervous! I’d definitely want her involved in wedding photos, though. That last one is so fun!!!

I LOVE the idea of having pets in a wedding! If I get married again, I will definitely consider having my dog involved somehow. 🙂

This is such a great post! I LOVE my dog and it would be amazing to have her be a part of my wedding day. Thank you for the ideas!

Becky says:

This is SO cute!!! I’m melting. I’m a huge hugeeee dog person and would DO ANYTHING to have a dog on my wedding day (hopefully I will have a dog by then)!

– Becky /

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