Focus: Chewie the Goldendoodle Puppy

 Sometimes you fall in love, even when you aren’t expecting to.   That is exactly what happened when photographer Casey Hendrickson met this little guy.  Chewie is a Golden Doodle puppy, so he won’t be little for long. I hope Casey will send me new photos of him as he grows!

Golden Doodle puppy outside

From Casey:  “As a wedding photographer, there are very few days that are considered ‘free days.’ So when I realized my sister and I both had a day off, we decided to be typical girls. We headed to play with puppies after grabbing some chocolate ice cream, but then something unexpected happened. When we arrived, I began walking through and looking at all the puppies. My eyes immediately fell on this absolutely adorable and fluffy puppy with the sweetest eyes. I asked if we could play with him.  When they brought him to us, I was instantly in love.

Golden Doodle Puppy on grass,

Something about him just tugged at my heart, and then I got the chance to hold him. He quickly went into this super calm state of relaxing. But upon petting him, I found that he was extremely thin.  As my best friend put it, you could play the xylophone on his rib cage.  It bothered me, but I kept telling myself that I was crazy, that I just wanted a puppy, and I needed to leave. But I couldn’t. We played with this sweet boy for half an hour, and the longer he sat with us, the more I fell for him.

I texted my boyfriend, and said, ‘On a scale from one to leaving me, how would you feel if I brought a puppy home?’ Haha…. And then he called. ‘You’ve been talking about wanting another dog for awhile, and if this is something that you feel is right, you should do it.’

black white photos of Golden Doodle puppy walking Golden Doodle puppy walking through the grass, black white pet photography Golden Doodle puppy running through grasslifestyle puppy photos, puppy running outside

So I did. When trying to think of a name, ‘Chewie’ was brought up because he could potentially resemble Chewbacca (and also for my love of Jimmy Choos), so we settled on the name Chewie.  Best of both worlds.  And it is so fitting because this pup loves chewing on EVERYTHING.  He won’t eat it, but he will just chew on it for a bit.

chewie the goldendoodle puppyadorable Golden Doodle puppy outsidecute puppy running on grassGoldendoodle puppy looking at creek wet dogs, dogs playing in creek, Westie and Goldendoodle puppylifestyle puppy photos-Chewie and Molly in creek wet Goldendoodle puppy
The first few days were interesting. He had spent his entire life locked in a plastic box, only coming out for about ten to twenty minutes at a time. He was forced to use the bathroom in his box, so crate training hasn’t been the easiest since he’s used to just going to the bathroom wherever he is.  

Goldendoodle puppy on the bed lifestyle puppy photos, dogs on furniture Goldendoodle puppy lying on bed Westie and Goldendoodle puppy on bed

He absolutely adores his older sibling Molly (she’s a Westie) and they have the best time chasing each other around!  He has brought so much love and goofiness into our lives, and we just adore him.

© Casey Hendrickson Photography | lifestyle dog photography, Westie and Goldendoodle puppy lying on bed

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About Casey Hendrickson Photography:  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Casey specializes in wedding and boudoir photography.


Such a cute puppy and love the photos of both dogs as well.

Oh wow, Chewie is adorable, and the photos are amazing! I hope Chewie continues to do well in his new home! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness, what a happy little pooch!!! <3

Sonja says:

aw…. love this story so much. Well done tugging at the heart strings little dude!

Nichole says:

I think I just feel in love too! Those are some beautiful shots – especially the black and whites.

These are such stunning photos! Chewie is so adorable! Following Casey now, too!

Kristian says:

What a beautiful puppy! The photos are just stunning!

I can totally see why Casie couldn’t resist Chewie! He is adorable. Thanks, as always for beautiful images that help tell the stories you share 🙂

Matthew says:

The photos are really stunning. Perhaps I should bring my dog out for photoshoots too!

Molly says:

The cutest dog ever!!! Such a cute story too 🙂

Keep smiling!
Molly |

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