Happy Tails: Junebug and Stanley

If you have the Monday blues, we may have the cure for it today with not one, but two adorable dogs.   Kat Ku Photography photographed this cheerful dog duo last fall.   As if having awesome names isn’t enough, Junebug and Stanley are so stinking cute that I can’t stop smiling! 

terrier mix, Dachshund mix on sidewalk with red fall leaves

From Kat:  “They are both rescue dogs from Louisiana. Junebug is a three-year-old dachshund mix, and Stanley is a six-year-old terrier mix.

woman sitting with small dogs on sofa, on location dog photographywoman holding Doxie's dogs out, shy dog in background cute Doxie mix standing on gray sofa Doxie on back playing with man, on location dog photography, Ann Arbor brown Dachshund mix snuggling with womanbrown Dachshund mix snuggling on man's shoulder Junebug is a total sweetheart and loves being petted and cuddling with you.

terrier mix, dachshund mix on sofa with people, modern dog portraits man playing with dog on sofa, lifestyle dog photographyStanley is on the more timid side but he is sweet in his own way, too.”

terrier mix with quirky facial hair, dog mustacheI am in love with his Eddie Munster look and his quirky facial hair.

couple, dogs on sidewalk, gorgeous fall leaves

Visit Kat Ku’s pet photography blog to see the rest of the photos from this delightful session.  There are so many great ones there, including some of Stanley and Junebug in their Michigan sweaters. 

Follow Modern Pet Photography by Kat Ku on Facebook to see more of her images!

Finally, if you can get to Ann Arbor this weekend,  you should book an At The Studio Mini Sessions on March 12.

If you are looking to get a dog, please consider adopting one!

About Kat Ku Photography:  Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Kat specializes in modern pet photography.


Oh my goodness, so adorable. I do that with Indie’s ears (my Shih Tzu) and he’s not impressed. Lovely pictures.

Stanley and Junebug are such an adorable pair! Both have such personality in their little faces and what adorable ears!

Sheila Jo says:

Adorable pics! My cats are not so cooperative when I break out a camera!

Tori says:

What sweet pups! I love the fall leaves in the photos, too!

I’m in love with their fu manchu mustaches! Just too cute. These two pups sure are adorable.

Nichole says:

What a beautiful, happy family! That pair is just adorable.. and that first photo with the gorgeous fall leaves really steals the post!

Debbie says:

Ahh, they are both so cute! What adorable pups AND photography. Thanks for sharing!

DearMishu says:

Awwww they adorable. Say hello…!

Jana Rade says:

I always look forward to the wonderful photos. So amazing.

Allison says:

I checked out the photos at Kat Ku’s Photography Blog. So many good shots! I’d have no idea how to pick just a few of them to show.

    Beth says:

    It is a great session, I loved all the photos!

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