Pawsitively Amazing: Ginger – One Year Later

Today I’m happy to be participating in Blog The Change for Animals.   You may remember Ginger was featured last year.  In October 2013, Ginger was released from the testing lab that raised her and used her for research for  years.   Thanks to Beagle Freedom Project, Ginger has been living with Candice Thies from Sweet Rocket Photography ever since she was released from a lab.

© Sweet Rocket Photography | ex research lab Beagle© Sweet Rocket Photography |rescued beagle from research lab

While the research that can be done on Beagles is shocking and appalling, I was horrified to learn is that many beagles who are used in lab testing are put down once they complete the role of research subject.  Beagle Freedom Project helps free these amazing loving dogs and find them forever homes.  Contrary to the opinions of some, when the research is done, these animals can make awesome companions.  I think we owe them a second chance at life.

© Sweet Rocket Photography | ex research lab Beagle. rescued by Beagle Freedom Project

From Candice:  “Will she ever be like a real dog?” “Will she ever trust a human?”

“These are questions I have been asked repeatedly while in public with Ginger.

Ginger is a thriving 6 year old beagle whom was freed by Beagle Freedom Project in Oct 2013.

To answer those questions:

© Sweet Rocket Photography | rescued beagle from research lab© Sweet Rocket Photography  | rescued Lab dog , Beagle portraits

Let’s see: Wagging tail? Check. Four furry paws?  Check.  Snuggly?  Check.  Heart of gold?  Check.
There is your answer.  As real as it gets.

© Sweet Rocket Photography | ex research lab Beagle, Beagle Freedom Project

Trust is defined as: confidence, certainty, security and hope.  From the moment she set paw to grass, she began to trust.

© Sweet Rocket Photography|  former-lab-Beagle-enjoys-freedom

18 months ago, my life changed. 

© Sweet Rocket Photography | freedom Cake for Beagle, dog party© Sweet Rocket Photography|  ex research lab Beagle wearing party hat, Beagle Freedom ProjectWe had a big party for freedom vs a “birthday” party since she was born into this madness.  She has progressed amazingly and is the love of my life.  I don’t know what my life was like before her.

© Sweet Rocket Photography |rescued beagle from research lab, lifestyle-pet-portraitsFrom teaching her basic commands, showing her cute porcupine videos on YouTube, to watching her play with her new siblings, lab dogs can and will thrive in retirement with one thing; LOVE.

© Sweet Rocket Photography | Life as It should be, freed Beagle© Sweet Rocket Photography | sleeping Beagle, lifestyle pet photography, blog the change for animals

To help others still in testing facilities shop cruelty free.   And if the right to release campaign is in your state be sure to let your representatives know you are in favor.”

Candice recently updated her facebook page saying:  “Big news: Ginger just kissed my face!!   With most lab rescues they are very timid and won’t give kisses for a very long time, if at all.   I never thought she’d do it but 18 months after her freedom release she did it.  Warms my heart.”

When you shop, look for the Leaping Bunny!  Support cruelty free companies, and eliminate cosmetic testing on Beagles and other animals.

I hope you will support the Beagle Freedom Bill.  There is also a fun way to show your support and help raise money to BFP.   30% of the purchase price of these adorable nail wraps is being donated back to Beagle Freedom Project from now until the end of April.

Beagle Freedom Project Nail Wraps

You can order them here.

You can follow Ginger on Facebook as well as Beagle Freedom Project’s Facebook page.

About Sweet Rocket Photography:  Based in Stanton, Kentucky, Candice is a portrait photographer specializing unique and whimsical portraits of pets and children.  She has 3 Dachshunds, a fox hound/Beagle mix and now Ginger from the Memphis 7.

I hope you’ll follow the link list and read about other ways to make a difference for animals!

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Such beautiful photos – we are happy that Ginger has finally found a loving home after such a horrific start in life.

She looks amazing; and I’m so grateful for the wonderful work the Beagle Freedom Foundation has done. Their continued work has helped shed light on many facilities that still participate in animal testing. Just this past week there were protests outside a local university here when it became known that they’re holding many dogs for research – it’s amazing how well they’ve been able to spread the word.

Go, Ginger! So happy to be a part of the nail wrap fundraiser. Thank you for the opportunity, Candi!

Debbie says:

The best day of of this sweet dog’s life is when she fell into your arms.

Ohhh Snap says:

She looks marvelous! Such a sweet little soul. So glad she has such a wonderful life after getting her freedom.

shelia says:

Ginger is a super sweet dog and has very loving parents and glad she is my grand glad you have been blessed with freedom and love

Kari says:

Hooray for happy endings!

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  • Amy says:

    Thrilled that she is living a joyful life now!
    It’s surprisingly difficult to find the leaping bunny but I’ve found a few brands I can rely on. For those just starting the frustrating search I recommend Kiss My Face, Earthborn, and Avalon Organics as good places to begin. I’d love to hear if you know of others that are consistently good quality.

      Beth says:

      Thanks for those recommendations!

    Jess says:

    Absolutely love the photography, what a cutie!

    Ruth Cox says:

    What an amazing story of dog rescue and compassion. So good for Ginger to be out of that research environment and in your loving heart and home.

    Candice, what a heartwarming, wonderful story. Ginger is beautiful and your photos of her are gorgeous! The world needs more people like you! Will share and support, for sure.

    OMG! Happy tears and goose bumps! I’m so glad you shared this. I truly thought thT animals from testing facilities were euthanized without exception. Thank you for educating me and introducing me to the Beagle Freedom Project. I amtotSlly checking them out and sharing this wide!

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