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I am so excited and when you read this post you will be too!  As of today, Carolyn Lemke, an incredible illustrator, (my) web designer, and all around awesome human being has launched Noble Friends Shop!  Read all about this wonderful new shop and see our exclusive discount code for Daily Dog Tag readers!  All photos are by Alice G Patterson Photography.

© Alice G Patterson Photography |Noble Friends- Custom Pet Portraits Illustrations and Products Carolynn will create an amazing custom pet portrait of all of your furry friends and that is just the beginning.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Syracuse-pet-product -photography, custom-pet-portraits

Now when you purchase a custom illustration you can also buy awesome home accessories, stationery items and even tote bags and iphone cases so you can share your amazing custom pet illustrations with friends, family and even random strangers!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Syracuse-product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations© Alice G Patterson Photography| product photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-stationery

Can you imagine how much more fun it will be to write your list or send a greeting card with your pet’s face on it?

© Alice G Patterson Photography | product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-

From Carolynn:  “I have been doing pet illustrations for about 5 years.   It all started when I had a client that wanted a portrait drawn of her cat  for her bio page. I used a technique in illustrating back in college that I  never really applied to any of my designs or art work before and I started  to use this technique in my pet illustrations.  I love adding the eyes and the finishing touches, like crazy extra fur around the ears.  These are the parts that really capture the pets  personality for me.   I feel like a little hair out of place or a look in the eyes really tell a story about who your pet is.

© Alice G Patterson Photography |custom-pet-illustrations, throw pillow

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Syracuse product-photographer, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-personalized-mug© Alice G Patterson Photography, product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-I’ve always LOVED art and creating fun things but I never knew I wanted to be an artist until I literally was going to college. I actually even applied to a nursing program at first but something just didn’t feel right  to me. In highschool I had a huge passion for photography but never  considered I could make a living at doing something I has a passion for.   The world has come so far for artists it is really incredible to think  about!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | customized-blankets, stationery with personalized pet illustrations

These products are created with LOVE. I  love that someone is either gifting this to themselves or to a loved one  FOR someone one else they love their pets! Its a couture piece of art with  a modern look that you can hang in your home or stick on pillow, write a  note in, share with all your other loved ones that makes you feel good when you look at it.”

Alice-G-Patterson-Photography, product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-

I am so in love with my tote bag!  Now I can bring Theo with me everywhere!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | product photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-personalized key chain

© Alice G Patterson Photography | product photography, dog-i-phone-case My  favorite is the iphone case, because you can show off your pets anywhere and everywhere without even trying!  And let’s face it, we all want to show the world just how adorable our pets are!

© Alice G Patterson Photography |custom made wrapping paper, wrapping paper with pet illustrations

 The wrapping paper is awesome, but I might be jumping up and collecting the paper after the gift was opened!

Remember Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a custom pet portrait would be the PERFECT gift!

© Noble Friends Shop | Custom Pet  Illustrations, horse-cat


Order by April 7, 2015 and use the code DOGTAG15 for 15% off on your order!

You should follow Noble Friends on Facebook and Instagram because you need more smiles in your day!

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Central New York, Alice is a pet, product and small business photographer.  She has 3 dogs of her own.

Disclosure: Daily Dog Tag only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  I received a tote bag as a gift from Noble Friends Shop, but I’m sharing Noble Friends Shop on my blog because I’m the biggest fan of Noble Friends Shop!  


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Diane says:

I love Carolynn’s work and can’t wait to go through the shop!

Unbelievably beautiful! Are you local to Syracuse?

    Beth says:

    All 3 of us are local to Syracuse.

THANK YOU SO MUCH BETH! What a sweet write up, you’re the best! xoxo. I am local to Syracuse and thank you Diane!

This has been a dream job… working with adorable dog models while collaborating with the wildly talented Carolynn of Noble Friends Shop! #LoveMyJob

Love those! Liked the Facebook page!

Robin says:

These illustrations are so cute! What a gift to be able to create them. I love the pillows 🙂

Maureen says:

Wonderful items! Love those!!!

Carol says:

Love these items! Just adorable.

Very kool! We’ve been debating on getting more pet themed artwork we may just have to consider this!

    Beth says:

    I have portraits of all of my dogs, I love them! Now I need to get the i phone case and stationery!

Those are great – and I absolutely love your Theo tote 🙂 I could definitely see myself with a coffee mug with Laika’s smiling face on it; she does amazing work.

    Beth says:

    That would be so fun to have her smiling face on a mug!

Stop it. These are BEYOND adorable! I’ve been wanting to get portraits done of Mauja and Atka for awhile.

    Beth says:

    Order fast and use the code DOGTAG15 to save 15% off!

    Beth says:

    I would love to see the way Carolynn portrays them!

I like that scottie pencil sharpener. If it was a Dachshund, and I still used pencils you sharpened with a pencil sharpener, I would get one for sure 🙂 The illustrations are cool too. I like the more abstract ones like that.

WOW what a fantastic store. I look forward to checking it out and meeting you at BlogPaws!

Kia says:

Ooo la la! Those items are awesooome! I like them a lot. Great work for sure.

How adorable! OMG i love this!

omg this is so cute! Love her art style!

These are so awesome!

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