Pawsitively Amazing: #TractorSupply Gives Joy To The Dogs

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Thanks to Tractor Supply Company®, I  played Santa Paws and gave a Howliday Gift Basket to Humane CNY, the rescue we adopted Theo from.  Tractor Supply Company is very supportive of shelter animals and gave me (as well as other bloggers) a $100 gift card to shop for a shelter or pet family in need.  

Gift Basket for shelter dogs, Kongs, Dog For Dog, Tractor Supply Company Holiday Gifts forshelter dogs-10

Tractor Supply Company has a wide selection of pet products including dog food, flea and tick preventative, collars, leashes, dog beds, crates, supplements, clickers and a variety of toys.   I decided to go with toys so that I could feel like Santa Paws.  I know that the rescue does a great job socializing the dogs and taking them outside for walks and play dates, but I thought while the pups are waiting for their new homes, playing with a toy would help the time go more quickly.

While there is a large selection of toys at TSC, I decided to go with Kongs because they are made in the USA, durable, and my dogs love them!

TractorSupplyCompany, Kongs for holiday gifts, helping shelter dogs

A lot of the fun of a Kong is chasing, catching and chewing it, but I think the best part for my dogs is the treats we put inside one.  It was an easy decision to buy Dogsbutter made by Dog for Dog®. Since it is made specifically for dogs, you never have to worry that the manufacturers will add xylitol to it! 

Tractor Supply Holiday Gifts Shelter dogs, Dogsbutter jar on Santa hat, styled pet product photography

Dog for Dog is another made in the USA product that we think is a safe and healthy choice. Just like Tractor Supply, Dog For Dog is a compassionate company.  Dog For Dog gives back to dogs in need with every purchase.

TractorSupply Holiday Gifts forshelter dogs, Dog For Dog, peanut butter, treats for dogs, companies with compassion, pet product photography

I bought a few lengths of rope that an employee cut for me.  Instead of just selling me a 5-foot section of rope, Stewart cut it into three lengths that saved me a ton of time.  I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to saw through the rope on my own.  I just tied a couple of knots with the rope to make three simple tug toys.

TractorSupply Holiday Gifts, Shelter donations, DIY rope toy, Dogsbutter

A metal bucket was the perfect choice to hold the toys and treats.  We added some stickers that I had to make it a little more fun for the humans.

dog toys in metal bucket, red Kongs, treats, rope toy silver bucket, chewdog toy bucket tipped over, Kongs, rope toys Dog For Dog treats, TSC, gifts for dogs Santa Paws, Pug in Santa Hat, dog shelter donations, dog toys and treats on black background, studio pet photographer

Here are just a few of the items that Tractor Supply Company carries for dogs.

Tractor Supply Company LogoTractor Supply Company dog beds and dog food, Lambchop plush toy Tractor Supply Company dog toys, I considered buying some big bags of dog food because I know that rescues always need food donations.  Tractor Supply is the exclusive distributor of the affordable, premium dog food 4health®.

TSC is very supportive of shelters, including holding adoption events in stores, hosting fundraisers at the local level and some stores offer low-cost veterinary clinics.  

Tractor Supply Company isn’t just for farmers!  I found one more great bonus item that I had to buy for an easy DIY gift.   I will be sharing it soon!

Do you have a specific thing that you like to donate to shelters? I had  a lot of playing Santa Paws, thank you Tractor Supply Company!

bucket of dog toys from Tractor Supply Company, red kongs, Dog For Dog, black background

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About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in photography for businesses offering both product shots and portraits, dog photography and senior portraits.



Diane says:

What a great time you must have had putting together this clever bucket full of toys and treats!

    Beth says:

    It was a lot of fun!

We love our local TSC store! For the longest time, I had no idea they had so much dog products!!!

Jana Rade says:

Kong toys are great. The only toys I can safely leave the guys with without supervision.

    Beth says:

    I hope the dogs at the shelter enjoy them as much as our dogs do!

kelly says:

It’s great that TCS is supportive of pet shelters!

Carleen says:

I wish I had a Tractor Supply near me.

We have a Tractor Supply with a 1/2 mile. I love it when they have the vet clinics there, it is cost effective for people in need of this service.

I love the Dog for Dog products, I think I’ll have to get Mary some of that Dogsbutter for her stocking.

The decorative bucket is a nice touch. The dogs will love it!

How cool that you got to go on a shopping spree for your favorite rescue group!

I love shopping at Tractor Supply for both dog stuff and horse stuff.

I bet that trip was so fun! We love Tractor Supply, too! I really like the decorative bucket! I bet all the dogs will love their snacks!

What a great bucket of Christmas goodies. Fabulous images as always!

    Beth says:

    Thank you!

I love shopping at Tractor Supply! We have one very close and I pick up items there all of the time. I love getting the Dog for Dog peanut butter.

What a wonderful gift for the shelter, they must have been thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift! TSC has such a large selection of pet products don’t they?
Love & biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Dogvills says:

What a great gift basket. I love that Tractor Supply is doing this.

I get to know the kitties at my local shelter well and then try to buy them specific gifts when they seem to be feeling down. I also try to donate food to the shelter whenever I can as I know they go through a ton of it!

How wonderful that TSC supports shelters and gave you this opportunity. I’m sure the shelter dogs will just love everything you bring them!

Such a great gift basket. Very cool promotion by Tractor Supply as Kilo the Rescue LOVES Kong toys and Dog for Dog treats and peanut butter (what a clever win win buying that as you double donated).

    Beth says:

    It made me happy to double donate!

What a great cause! We have TSC in our area, it looks like they have great stuff for dogs so I hope mom checks it out some day. Hopefully the toys will make the dogs a little bit happier that are in the shelters. Love Dolly

    Beth says:

    If your mom makes it in, she’ll be pleasantly surprised.

MattieDog says:

Such a pawesome gift basket – you are pawesome!! We absolutely lub dat you is spreading da word about Tractor Supply!

    Beth says:

    Thanks for you kind words MattieDog!

Robin says:

That is such a great donation. The dogs at your local rescue are going to be very happy! Tractor Supply Company is a great place to shop for pet supplies!

I’ve passed by a local TSC for years and had no idea they carried so many wonderful items for dogs and cats.

    Beth says:

    I was surprised the first time I went into one. They even carry some toys for human kids as well as clothing.

Christie says:

Those gift buckets are awesome. Wish there was a Tractor supply close by!

Christie from

    Beth says:

    They have a lot of nice items that are reasonably priced.

Wish we had a Tractor Supply store in Portland! Great items!

We were thrilled to participate in this campaign! Have been back to TSC three times since (including today to get dog pics with Santa)! Love the photos!

    Beth says:

    I hope you’re going to share your photos with Santa on your blog!

Look at all that peanut butter!!! Yummy!!! 🙂

We love that Tractor Supply is giving back and that dogs are allowed in – we will be visiting ours soon.

That is wonderful Tractor Supply is doing this, I wish we had one near us!

I highly recommend those woollen beds – excellent for the sofa or the car, and easy to wash!

I love this Tractor Supply campaign! Such a wonderful idea, and a great way to spread Christmas cheer to shelter pets while also getting Tractor Supply’s name out there. We luckily have a Tractor Supply near us and will be heading over to check out their cat product selection!!

    Beth says:

    They have a lot of cat supplies too!

We love our Tractor Supply Co.and have become regular customers. You have some awesome photos and a great review!

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  • Rachel says:

    Excellent choices!! Rooney loves everything Kong and DOGforDOG!

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