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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by NomNomNow, and I am being compensated to share my experience with this food.  At Daily Dog Tag, we only review products that we use ourselves.  All opinions are mine. I am not a vet or food nutritionist.  Always consult your vet with any medical concerns.   Photos by Alice G Patterson Photography.

I am excited to let my dogs try NomNomNow,  a fresh food subscription delivery for dogs.  I am sure my dogs will love it (and I think I’m going to earn some extra “favorite human” points with them for giving them the good stuff.)

I’ve raised my dogs with a modified “no table scraps” mindset that the vet drilled into my mom (and me) when I was a kid.  However, common sense and reading articles about dog nutrition helped me realize that most veggies are good for my dogs. I always check to make sure a new food is not toxic to dogs.

A Purdue study found that when dogs were fed a diet that had 10% fresh vegetables, at least three times a week,  they were significantly less likely to develop bladder cancer.  Extrapolation from that study makes me think that I should give my dogs plenty of fresh vegetables.   When I chop vegetables for dinner, I make sure to give my dogs some (in addition to what falls on the floor.)  But, there are nights when we don’t cook, and sometimes we skip the vegetables. 

ordering NomNomNow, fresh dog food delivered

There are a lot of dog foods out there, but I wanted to try NomNomNow in particular, for a few reasons.

First of all, NomNomNow only uses preservative free, natural ingredients in an FDA approved kitchen (that’s what the kitchens for human restaurants have to be!) All ingredients are sourced in the United States, which is important to me. NomNomNow owns the kitchen, which means they have complete control of it and aren’t subjected to any weird landlord whims. 

Secondly, NomNomNow delivers gently cooked human grade food right to the door.  The meals are packaged individually specifically for my dogs. Another bonus is all the packaging is recyclable.  Having spent the last 30 years as the person primarily responsible for meals for our family, cooking for my dogs on a regular basis holds little appeal for me.  But, I love my dogs, and I want them to live long healthy lives.

Thirdly, after years of being apparently healthy, Theo was just diagnosed with hip dysplasia.   My husband has rheumatoid arthritis, and there is a definite correlation between what he eats and how he feels. I am hoping that Theo will feel better when he eats fresh food.

Recently I sat down and went through the ordering process.  

Ordering NomNomNow, custom planner with dogs on it

How NomNomNow Works

Ordering NomNomNow was easy.NomNomNowI answered a few questions about my dogs (breed, age, current weight as well as target weight, and activity level) as well as any concerns. I’m happy to say that all of my dogs are a healthy weight, but Nelly has both seasonal and food allergies.

NomNomNow offers five different recipes developed by a vet, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, one of the top pet-nutritionists in the United States. 

After reading the different recipes and ingredients,  I chose one for each of my dogs to have.

I chose the Heartland Beef for Theo because I know that beef is a low-inflammatory food for humans.  I assume anti-inflammatory ingredients are the same for both dogs and people, after all, glucosamine is good for humans, dogs, and horses.

dog lover desk accessories

Sophie will be trying the Egg and Veggie Medley.

I chose Tasty Turkey Fare for Nelly.  Shortly after placing my order, I received this email about Nelly.


Fauchon Fauchon (NomNomNow)

 Hi Beth,

We are very excited to be serving Theo, Nelly, and Sophie fresh and healthy food soon!

We wanted to reach out and check Nelly’s weight to ensure we are sending the correct amount of calories for a growing 5-month-old puppy. Nelly’s current weight is listed the same as her target adult weight. Is she expected to grow more than 10 lbs? Is Nelly’s current weight 10 lbs?

We also noticed that Nelly is allergic to grains and she is currently set up to receive our Tasty Turkey Fare. Our turkey recipe contains brown rice, and I just wanted to make sure that Nelly will be OK with that. If not, we can easily change it to a different recipe.

Please do let us know before our weekly deadline of 12 pm PST Thursday if you would like us to adjust Nelly’s weight and recipe selection, we’d be happy to update her profile for you! 

We look forward to hearing from you and excited to serve your little one soon!


It turns out that I forgot to change the year on Nelly’s information, so I wrongly represented her as a 5-month-old puppy, instead of the ten-year-old dog she is.

senior Maltese looking up, lifestyle dog photography

She’s cute, but she’s a senior dog, not a puppy!  However, most of the recipes are balanced for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs.  The only recipe not recommended for puppies is the Egg & Veggie Medley.

I appreciate Fauchon’s tact in trying to figure out the right amount of food for Nelly.    I decided to stick with the Tasty Turkey Fare because rice hasn’t been an issue for Nelly in the past.

ordering NomNomNow

When I showed my husband what I ordered for the dogs, he commented that they might have to share it with him.  

What Happens Next?

In about a week, I’ll be receiving a month’s worth of food for my dogs.  Each dog will be getting be getting transition meals to minimize gastric distress.   The standard is six meals over three days (2 at 25%, two at 50%, and two at 75% before they are on the full portions. However,  you can request an extended transition period by contacting customer support. 

NomNomNow is delivered fresh (never frozen) just a few days after being prepared.  Because I’m a monthly subscriber, I’ll be freezing a lot of the food when it arrives. You can keep it in the refrigerator for eight days after delivery. 

Get 50% off your first two NomNomNow orders.

If you live in one of these states:  AZ, CA, CO, OR, WA, NV, UT, NM, and ID  you can order a Sample Box for just $1.

Follow NomNomNow on Instagram.

You can see more of Alice’s photography by following her on Instagram.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in senior portraits, editorial, and commercial photography.



Debbie says:

We just decided to try Nom Nom Now too! I am really excited to see how the dogs like it. The email you got, albeit as a result of an error inputting information, made me two really happy. It’s good to know that an actual person is looking over the orders and making sure everything is a good fit for your dog. I’m even more excited to try it now. Thanks for sharing!

    Beth says:

    I hope your dogs love it!

Can I just say that Nelly is BEYOND adorable and looks WAY younger than a pup of 10! I have heard do many good things about Nom Nom Now, so happy to see it is working for her as well!

    Beth says:

    Thanks Kristen, I think that white dogs look younger because there aren’t any gray hairs!

Kamira Gayle says:

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Nom Nom Now. I really can appreciate their customer service reaching out to you to confirm the information submitted. It really shows they are detail oriented and care about their customers pets. Nice review.

Jana Rade says:

There is a lot of buzz about this food. Looks pretty great when I checked the ingredients. ENjoy.

    Beth says:

    Thanks Jana! I know you are very particular about what you feed your dog, so I appreciate your feedback on these ingredients.

Samantha says:

Your puppy’s sweet face just stole my heart!!! I’ve never heard of NomNomNow, but I think I’ll look into it for our pups! Thanks!

    Beth says:

    Be sure to use the links in the post for 50% your first two boxes.

That’s funny and great that they checked about the mix up with Nelly!

I love that there are so many great home delivery options out there for dog food. We haven’t tried Nom Nom yet, but definitely will.

I’m glad your dogs are enjoying this food, and that it’s one that you can stand behind. I really love the photos in this post. Great job!

    Beth says:

    Thanks Lola, we’ll never promote something we wouldn’t let our dogs eat.

My dogs love veggies too, especially carrots, but I think Dolly only eats the lettuce because Taffy does. I have to admit to having a near heart attack over the price. I’m sure it’s very good quality and the fact that they look over the order carefully is very reassuring but I think they’ve priced themselves out of the market for the average pet parent.

    Beth says:

    That is cute that Dolly imitates Taffy and eats lettuce. This food isn’t inexpensive, but according to their blog, it is comparable to home cooking.

Yolanda says:

I wonder if this is available in Canada? I know my dog would like it 🙂

    Beth says:

    I think it is only available in the continental USA currently.

Lo Renee says:

I’ve never heard of this brand before! I love all the details this post entails! I’ll definitely try this out as soon as my current bag gets low!

    Beth says:

    Thanks, it is worth checking out!

Kaycee says:

That’s so interesting! I had no idea that a fresh food for dogs subscription even existed! I’ll have to try this one day for my dogs!

I give fresh vegetables to Kilo regularly. The NomNomNow sounds and looks really healthy and yummy. He’d love it. Enjoy.

This has been on my list to try for awhile! I’m always looking for ways to keep the fluffies interested in their meals. I’m definitely going to look into this further.

    Beth says:

    I think your dogs would love it!

I’ve read a lot about this food and everyone appears to sing its praises. It’s wonderful how the company double checked with you on the correct information and food.

    Beth says:

    With a little dog like Nelly, it is really important to make sure she has the right amount of food, just like a cat. I’m glad that NomNomNow was paying attention!

Anna says:

I really like how the company made sure that all the information was right so they could give your dogs the best food possible! Sounds like an awesome service!

    Beth says:

    I am impressed with their customer service!

So happy you guys like NomNomNow!! Our boys thought it was awesome. 😀 So good for the pups.

I was wondering how a young puppy could have allergies to a certain food already…glad they double checked with you so you could reveal her true age…lol…just like a female.

Karlee says:

I love that they reached out to you regarding her weight and nutritional needs! That’s such a good quality in a company rather than just leaving it and risk it not being right for her!

Shayla says:

This sounds like a great program! I think feeding my pack would be a massive cost though! They truest seem invested in the wellbeing of your buddies diet!

Wow! This sounds wonderful (and tasty)! I bet my Huskies would love that Heartland Beef. I agree with the antinflammatory benefits, and having dogs going into their “senior” years, this is quite beneficial. Love your pics! I had never heard of this company before, so thanks for the great review!

    Beth says:

    I admit I tried the turkey and it is not bad at all!

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