Happy Tails: Daisy & Aria: #TheMajorityProject

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Not long ago I learned about The Majority Project, and I am so excited to be a small part of it! The Majority Project is all about showing Pit bulls as they are:  lovable members of the family, just like any other breed.  Dog photographer Alice G Patterson and I wanted to help spread the word, so Alice put out a modeling call.  We were thrilled when sisters Heather and Kristen responded.  I think you’ll agree that Alice’s photos show that Pit bulls are beautiful, loving dogs!

© Alice G Patterson Photography |Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majority-project, lifestyle dog photography© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majorityFrom Kristen:  “Daisy just had her 9th birthday on Feb 8th.   She is my 75 pound lap dog!  She loves cuddle time on the couch with us and cuddling with her sister Aria.  Daisy also loves running around in the snow and trying to eat it.  The only toys she is allowed to have are marrow bones because last year she needed major GI surgery after ingesting stuffing from soft toys.  

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majority-project, CNY dog photography, on location pet portraitsA month after her surgery she was back to normal playing around with her sister Aria.  There are certain people who are alarmed by Daisy due to her breed and size but I always tell them just to say hi to her and pet her, all she wants is a little love!  People need to understand it’s not the breed of the dog that they need to worry about, it’s how these animals are raised.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majorityDaisy was raised to be a lovable cuddly dog and that’s exactly what she is!”

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majority-project #majorityproject, Pit bull, girl and her dog© Alice G Patterson Photography |Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majority, sweet Pit bull lifestyle pet photography, #TheMajorityProjectFrom Heather: “Aria is a 3 and 1/2 year old Pit Bull.  She likes to play with her sister Daisy and cuddle up next to her.  

© Alice G Patterson Photography | The Majority Project, Syracuse Pit bull photographer Aria’s favorite toy is her tuffie which is an indestructible frisbee and she loves to curl up in blankets!  

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Baldwinsville-dog-photography, girl-and-her-dog, on-location pet photographerWhen asked what kind of dog I have I get mixed emotions.  Some people will rave how good Pit bulls are, how they have two at home and are not a bully breed.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majority-project The other half of those people believe in the bully breed and will sit on the other side of the waiting room at the vet’s.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majority, sweet Pittie portraits

 Aria is the most precious dog I’ve owned and she is my heart.”

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag- Pit-Bull-I-am-the-majority-project 
Animal Farm Foundation has teamed up with actor and pit bull advocate Jon Bernthal to bring this public service announcement to bring attention to the Majority Project.


Majority Logo1

If you have a Pit bull or just love Pit bulls, please print and personalize an “I Am The Majority” sign and submit a photo to support the Majority Project.

It is a sad fact that Pit bulls are largely maligned by the media and are on the receiving end of prejudice and even laws that prohibit them from living in  certain places.  Pit bulls are discriminated against by some insurance companies, some landlords and sadly even some cities. Breed Specific Legislation does little to keep people safe from dog bites, because the problem does not lie within a dog breed, the problem lies with the irresponsible people who do not train their dogs to be a loving, safe pet.

Animal Farm Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, has been rescuing and re-homing animals, as well as making grants to other humane organizations, since the mid-1980’s.

They currently dedicate their resources to securing equal treatment and opportunity for “pit bull” dogs.  Whether the dog is called a “pit bull” because of a documented pedigree, or merely on the basis of physical appearance, recognizing that these dogs are individuals for whom we are responsible is an integral step toward a compassionate future for all dogs.

Follow The Majority Project on Facebook to see lots more awesome Pit bulls and the people who love them!  To see more great dog photography follow Alice G Patterson Photography on Facebook.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Central New York, Alice specializes in dog photography, portraits and product photography for small business owners, as well as senior portraits.  She has 3 dogs of her own and is a passionate animal advocate.


That is a wonderful project and it makes our hearts smile!

Your post is just incredible Each image you featured is better than the next. What incredible love these sisters share for their dogs. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Beth says:

    Thanks, Alice is extremely talented. I’m proud to be her sister!

Alice says:

These girls (both human and canine) were a delight to work with!

Aria and Daisy are gorgeous! I can see what loving dogs they are. It breaks my heart when Pitbulls and Pit mixes are passed over at the shelter because of peoples’ misguided fears. Terrific photo shoot!

    Beth says:

    Hopefully this project will help to dispel some of the negative stereotypes and more people will realize that Pit bulls are regular dogs with giant smiles and a huge capacity to love.

I love, love, love stories that depict normal, everyday, good hearted people who own these amazing dogs. It’s so true that #WeAreTheMajority, and it’s time the world knows it! Thanks for sharing – what beautiful, incredible work you and Alice do, and what lovely models you had!

    Beth says:


Kendall | Lucky Dog says:

Just the sweetest faces! I met a foster pittie the other day, and the only thing she wanted was love and pets, she was amazing and the family that gets to adopt her is going to be so lucky. what a wonderful project.

    Beth says:

    I have such admiration for people who foster. They make such a difference!

I love this project, and it’s amazing how well it’s taken off in such a short amount of time. Your photos are beautiful and a nice reminder of how amazing pit bulls are. I’ve yet to meet a pit bull that I wouldn’t describe as super cuddly, loving, and wiggly. They’re such sweethearts. The ones I know are the most devoted companions you could ever ask for.

    Beth says:

    I am so happy to be a small part of this wonderful project! It is really close to my heart.

You have some beautiful pups and this is such an awesome project! I’ve always loved pit bulls. They are great with kids and so joyful. Any dog that is raised right, with love and basic training is a good dog

    Beth says:

    Daisy and Aria are lovely ambassadors for the Pit bulls. They really do represent the majority!

Chloe says:

What amazing photos that capture the true beauty of these lovable dogs!!

Robin says:

Your dogs are so cute! I love the photos in this post. Pitbulls don’t seem to be any more aggressive than any other breed of dog if you ask me. Humans are to blame for a lot of the bad behavior we see in any type of animal.

    Beth says:

    I agree that aggressive behavior in dogs can generally be attributed to humans!

Dogvills says:

Your post is amazing. I love those pictures. What an incredible story

    Beth says:

    Alice did a beautiful jobs with these photos, it helps that all the subjects are gorgeous!

Lindsay says:

I love the Majority Project. I’ve been following it for a few years. It melts my heart, and I’m so glad you’re sharing info and gorgeous photos about it. Aria and Daisy are so cute! I just love pitbull-type dogs! They are all unique, of course, but I just think they are all adorable.

Rene says:

I can’t think of a better way to show the world that the majority of pitties & their humans are normal families doing great things for the breed’s reputation. Thanks for spotlighting thes epups and their moms.

    Beth says:

    I am so honored to help share this project.

Abby says:

This is such a wonderful project! Thanks for sharing this!

Stephanie says:

I am a huge fan of Alice’s work and admire the two of you for sharing this project! Thank you both for everything you do. I love this breed and wish more people could see them for how they truly are.

    Beth says:

    Hopefully, more people will begin to understand that this breed is often misrepresented in the media.

Katrina says:

This project is such a great idea! And the photographs are lovely as well!

    Beth says:

    I hope it will help people realize that the majority of pit bulls are awesome members of a family!

April says:

Aria and Daisy sound like such sweethearts!

Beautiful dogs! So sweet and cuddly.

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