And The Nominees Are….2015

Once again we’ve undertaken the huge task of trying to keep up with Oscar fever and choose a few favorites from the canine categories.  As always, we love all the photographers and dog combinations we feature, so this is an extremely difficult task and just for fun!  Without further ado, meet the Nominees for the 2015 Pawscars.  If you want to read more about the dogs, click on their names in the credits.  To visit the photographer’s website, click on the photographer’s name.

Most Adorable Puppy 

Puppy Love 2015 Nominees for Pawscars

NalaMarci Yochum Photography 2 Mya–  Moondance Photography 3-GracieCavin Elizabeth Photography  4-ButlerChewbone Studio  5 BlazikenBrianna Noelle Photography 6 BrinkleyAndie Freeman Photography 7- Blue- Paw Prints Pet Portraits by Charlene 8 ShastaSierra Luna Photography 9 GrahamChewbone Studio, 10 Cookie MonstaAngelina Faye Photography 11-Samara- Chocolate Moose Photography, 12- GuinnessCaitlin Elizabeth Photography 13- JosiePaw Prints Pet Portraits by Charlene


Pawsitively Amazing

While every dog is amazing, these dogs have wonderful stories to tell!  From cheering up a fallen village,  serving as a therapy dogs, spreading cheer while fighting cancer, being a true friend to someone in need,  or being a breed ambassador, all these dogs have made the world a better place.

Pawsitively Amazing dogs: cancer survivor, homeless, pit bull ambassadors, therapy dogs,

14 GuinnessFurtography  15 GingerJessica Newman Photography  16 GusJenny Karlsson Photography 17 DaisyJules Photography 18 Paws4Lifeline ProjectNorah Levine Photography 19 Aria and DaisyAlice G Patterson Photography 20 Suzie ProjectJessica Painter Photography 21-Pax and KimberRDP PhoDOGraphy 22 GingerSweet Rocket Photography 23 George100 Loyal Faces

Best Ride 

Best Ride: dogs and helicopter, dogs and small plane, dogs in cars, dog with wheels, dog on boat

24- Military Working DogG Dhiman Photography 25 Porter & ScoutJessica Cobb Pet Photography 26 Spotlight:  The DogistThe Dogist 27 EmmaBarnwood & Brick  28  Ellie & Bailey J.Ro Photos 29 ThorMcGraw Photography 30 RubyMelissa Jill Photography

Best Stuntdog 

Best Stuntdog nominees: action-shots-of dogs, dogs jumping, playing, swimming, playing fetch


31 AbbyPup & Co 32 PepperCharlotte Reeves Photography 33 MattyRight Start Productions 34 EdenAlice G Patterson Photography 35 DallasTiltaWhirl Photography 36 Big RedLupine Lens 37  HarryEye Wander Photo 38 Tucker Kathryn Schauer Photography

Biggest Scene Stealer

Funny Dog photos, Pawscar Scene stealers

39 Chief-Taylor Whitham Photography 40-LouieSit, Stay Pet Photography  41 TeddyOrigin Photo 42 JerseyRobyn Icks Photography 43 RaeleyDenver Paws Photography 44 Lucy & ChloeApril Ziegler Photography 45 Amelia-Brittany Anderson Photography 46 RoccoCatharine Noble Photography 47-Sulo– Toast Photography 48- Holli BerriAlice G Patterson Photography 49- IzzyKatherine Miles Jones Photography 50-MarleyLebolo Photography  51 MollyJ Catherine Photography 52 Hogwarts & ClementineGenevieve Elaine Photography

Be sure to check our part 2 tomorrow!  We have lots of great categories left and feel free to leave a comment!


Erika says:

These are adorable! I love these posts each year!

Heather Lynn says:

Pawsitively Amazing is probably my favorite category! Adorable!

    Beth says:

    It is mine too!

Alice says:

You do such an awesome job with this!!! Thank you for including a few of my photos!

Jana Rade says:

Awesome photos and a lot of adorable pups.

These photos are stunning, I don’t now how you will be able to choose.

    Beth says:

    Luckily, we just leave it a nominees! It is hard enough narrowing it down this much!

Sadie says:

These made my day! Thank you.

Robin says:

I love the idea of this contest! This is very very fun. You have a lot of amazing photographers with equally amazing dogs listed here 🙂

These are gorgeous!! I have NO idea how you will decide!

Oh my!! I love this so much, what an awesome post. I am going to be busy on Pinterest today, putting all of these up! How on earth are you going to choose?! Good luck!

Holly says:

Wow! so flattered Big Red made to your line up! and awed to be included with all this talent! The scene stealers just slay me 😀

Wonderful group of pups! Lovely photos 🙂

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